Can This Tokenizing FinTech Maintain Its Trend

I'm hoping ABXX can keep the support along the cup and handle trend.
New support was recently found around $3.33. The Simple Moving Averages on the 4 hour and 6 hour charts are both crossing at $3.64.
$3.64 also acts as a resistance point on the hourly chart as shown below.

Huge resistance is coming around $3.70. The next major resistance level is at $4.00.

A close up on the 4-Hour chart shows a gap that must be filled around $3.95.

Zooming out to the Daily chart , we are on candle number '7' out of a '9' candle trend.
Hopefully after this '9' candle-trend to the downside is complete, ABXX shareholders should see bluer skies ahead.

I do not give financial advice, but you can see my earlier, more in-depth analysis of ABXX & ABXXF under my 'Related Ideas'. I do adjust trend-lines and other info as the chart changes.
I really like this FinTech company, it's team, and their mission. This a great play for investors like me who are interested in:
ESG (Enviromental/Social/Governance)
Blockchain technology & Tokenization
Mining, Precious Metals, LNG (Liquified Natural Gas )
I try to follow the smart money. I am long ABXXF.

Comment: A great valuation by James Duade on twitter. Could easily have a $20 share price?
Comment: I haven't posted an update in a while, but ABXX was lightly mentioned by a newsletter I follow by Grit Capital.

You can view the newsletter here:

Abaxx has blue skies ahead.


For now, this stock only moves based on fundamental business changes... Will absolutely trade sideways until Clearinghouse approval. Then sideways again until exchange go-live. Then sideways again until Nasdaq uplist. THEN we can start talking chart technicals lol.