Can 128% be soon?

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Cardano (ADA) is one of my favourite coins which I choose to invest in. This is trade (investment) setup on larger timeframe. If you never bought ADA before it is still not late. I am not looking to reach targets 2,3,4 very soon, that could be year(s). I will sell most of my capital on targets 2,3. Small portion will be sold on Target 1 and hopefully on Target 4.

Entry Zone: 0.50 – 0.57
Buy Zone 1: 0.30 – 0.37
Buy Zone 2: 0.13 – 0.16

Target 1: 1.33 – 1.44 (128%)
Target 2: 2.83 – 2.93 (390%)
Target 3: 4.35 – 4.89 (651%)
Target 4: 5.73 – 5.84 (891%)
Trade active:
ADA price entered Buy Zone 1! If you want you can wait few days and try to catch price on some lower level which is closer to 0,30. I am buying on this price.
Trade active:
ADA price entered Buy Zone 1 again. This time I won't buy more, but it is nice price for those who missed to buy it last time when price was in Buy Zone 1.
Trade active:
Cardano Community Digest - 28 November 2022
Link: forum.cardano.org/t/...november-2022/110896
Trade active:
The Cardano Foundation has new collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency’s national partner in Switzerland: Switzerland for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). As part of the collaboration, Switzerland for UNHCR will launch a charity stake pool, with stake delegation by the Cardano Foundation of 3.5 million ada, the native token of the Cardano blockchain. Taurus, a leading Swiss based digital asset infrastructure provider, will run the stake pool.
Link: cardanofoundation.or...hallenge-with-unhcr/
Trade active:
Cardano Founding Entity EMURGO Launches Cardano Spot, a Social Network to Connect Cardano Enthusiasts
Link: emurgo.io/cardano-fo...unches-cardano-spot/
Trade active:
Cardano Community Digest - 20 February 2023
Link: forum.cardano.org/t/...february-2023/114678
Trade active:
ADA annual report is out!
Link: cardanofoundation.org/en/annual-report/
Trade active:
There was some news in the Cardano project since my last post.

Cardano’s First-ever Social Media App Goes Live
Link: cardanospot.io/news/...-media-app-goes-live

For more news about project visit their website: cardanofoundation.org/en/news
Trade active:
Cardano Ballot 2023: The Voice of the Cardano Community

Link: cardanofoundation.or...e-cardano-community/
Trade active:
Identity Wallet developed by the Cardano Foundation - a W3C-compatible mobile wallet that manages self-sovereign identities across Cardano and other blockchain networks.

Link: twitter.com/Cardano_.../1734230735412662527
Trade active:
Cardano Foundation Announces Education Partnership with Petrobras

Link: cardanofoundati...th-petrobras-1/?utm_conten...
Trade active:
Cardano Digest February 2024:
Link: forum.cardano.org/t/...r-blog-rejuve/127928


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