Ascending Triangle Seen

sub7m19 Pro+ Updated   
NASDAQ:ADMP   Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
EMA 9 has crossed the EMA 21 with a closing of a green candle above the both EMA's, and formation of an ascending triangle has been formed. Large amounts of volume to indicate that trend will continue to increase in a bullish fashion. Just my inexperience 2 cents.
Comment: Ooops, I also want to mention, green candle closed above EMA 8 + EMA 21 as the MA 50. Weekly MACD histogram shows signs of consolidation (area of low volatility) with the MACD line crossing the signal line. Usually, when there is an area of low volatility also known as consolidation,high volatility tends to follow. All indications still point towards a bullish momentum.
Comment: ^ Sorry above post is for a different stock. Sorry! please ignore!