AudioEYE setting up a leap to next range

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NASDAQ:AEYE   AudioEye, Inc
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Expecting AudioEYE to leap in near future into the next trading range that should set in between FEB and MARCH tops.

Supporting now by December Highs and February double bottom .
//Random thoughts...
On May 14th company released Q1 results that were very comforting... kind of..
They are still stating to reach positive cash flow and 30M+ revenue for FY21, but the first quarter still left my thinking.. Revenue from q4 5,6 M raised into 5,8 M, that's not too good. They are now missing 26 M for the next three quarters and that requires something like Q2 = 7M, Q3 = 8,5 M, Q4 = 10,5M while the last quarters have been 5.6, 5.3, 5.2.

Can they do this? At least if we look at the number of customers that are up by 100% since the last Q... That is impressive.. The Q4 results stated 32k customers that brought in 5,6 M of revenue. Now they say that they have 64k customers. That should well double the money ;) But the trend has been that they need to 5X the customers to achieve 2x in revenue.. So they would need to reach 150 k customer by end of 2022 to reach a target revenue of 40M for FY2022.

Not sure, how fast the deployments will go and will we see revenue growth already in Q2 figures, but they have been beating the estimates lately and don't see a reason why they could not continue. Hoping to see something like 7M of revenue with -0.13 EPS.

With current Market cap of around 175 M and estimated revenue 30+M there's a P/S under 6. This coupled with estimated sales growth of 40%+ for next year seems attractive enough to me, but the soon upcoming Q2 figures have to be stronger in revenue..

Last remark; Because the need for Audioeye is not "nice to have" but stated in written law, then the customer demand should be pretty strong. >>The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. For a website to be compliant with the ADA, it must be accessible to people who browse the web with assistive devices. If your website is not accessible to people with disabilities, it's not compliant with the law. >>


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