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Testing a Strategy Shoot and Run ®. (2nd week)

Tested last week with some success, here on TV Demo account, i have decided to keep testing it and to share the strategy this next week, this will allow me to create a "journal" of this trades to study.

I enjoyed last week, I hope to create interest in some of you, who are in the learning process like me, and testing things.

1. I'm using TradingView Trading Demo Platform;
2. I do not usually trade/invest stocks;
4. Do not do this at home without the presence of your parents ;)
Balance: 169779.06 // Equity: 169779.06

"Reset Paper Trading Account..."
Balance: 100000.00 // Equity: 100000.00 (Start again just for this test)
Default Units per position: 100
15 min charts

OK, taking into consideration the document from Reuters, which is below, (automatically updated daily), I set pre-orders to sell or buy these companies before the market open. - "The Day Ahead section"

There will be positions that will not be activated, other positions will come into unwanted territory very fast.
It never happened in the previous tests, but it can happen to go into loss or even a huge loss.
Positions will be closed manually "almost immediately" after its opening (those that do not reach targets, SL and TP).

American International Group Inc
sell stop 64.11
stop loss 64.31
profit trgt 63.33

Have a nice week ahead!

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