Let's catch a swing! $ALGO.X

$Algo.X just reached it ATH so it's reasonable that it will drop back to its support lines. The question is weather it'd keep its upward trend to drop below 50 cents, because if it does, our next stop will be at 27 cents. But I doubt it. BTC is going and many folks got rich investing in Dogecoin , GME and AMC and will invest their money in cryptos. And what's better than Algo with a great team behind it (I'm not affiliated and have nothing to disclose). Anyways, this is going to go down and hit 0.551 in a day or so but will go back up to test 70 cents resistance again and might surpass it. I haven't analyzed that probability yet but will get into it after my first prediction of algo going down to 55.1 cents came true. As of right now, it's coming back into its up trend channel and should settle around 61 cents for a while before going to to 55. I set a limit buy in order and going to wait, let's see how it moves.
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Amir H.