✳️ AirDAO 13,718% Potential To Its All-Time High

While people get confused and lost as to what is happening with Bitcoin, where prices will go, will there be a new low? ... It is not that hard for us as we look at thousands of charts.

  • If you look at more than one chart, you get a way better picture.

  • If you look at hundreds of charts including conventional markets, you get the picture.
  • If you look at thousands of charts, you can know exactly what is happening and even predict with a high level of accuracy what will happen next.

AirDAO (AMBBTC) hit a new All-Time Low 11-May 2022, it has been growing since.

Other pairs hit their lows in June, July and some even in November... Notice that the lower low Bitcoin produced in November vs June is not in anyway of big magnitude, it might as well have been a higher low.

For example, Ethereum on the ETHUSD pair did not produce a lower low... Huh, some clues.

Let's forget about that, I already made my case for Bitcoin bullish with over 300 trade ideas.

AirDAO shows massive potential.

If prices were to grow from the current level to its All-Time High a massive 13,718% would be possible.

That's too much and even unnecessary, we are happy with 300%... More? 500%, 600%, 800%... That's a lot already but it can go to 1,000% and beyond.

I used my charting magic to extract some high probability numbers that are still big.

AMBBTC can grow on this current bullish wave that is about happen between 305% to 520%.

This is not long-term, this is only this wave... More is possible in the long-term but since there is always a correction after a major wave, one can sell to buy back lower, the correction can last months, so any price below your selling point is a good entry after a 3-4 weeks wait.

If this information is confusing for you... 
You are better of following one of the basic strategies.

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