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Advanced Micro Devices AMD reports earnings after the market close on Thursday, April 18th 2013. CEO Rory Read has been making big deals happen for AMD . Last week AMD secured a deal to make chips for next years Microsoft MSFT XBOX.

For those of you not interested in gaming, like me , what might interest you is the fact that Kinetic is developing in to more than just a gaming console. Kinetic is turning into a synthetic telepathic training tool. Much like what we watched in the movie Matrix when Neo and Morhpeus boot up instructions on how to do just about anything. Although, Kinetic won't be hooked up to our brains, synthetic telepathic training will read each individuals, voice, facial-body movement as well monitor our pulse to best predict thoughts and actions. Sounds scary. However, this is what will help us learn much more rapidly.

AMD chips will play a huge role in this development. AMD will also be powering HP Moonshot servers. The servers will use AMD’s Kyoto CPU .


As far as the chart we are looking at a half moon rounding top pattern. The fact that we are near the bottom while we base for a half moon rounding top, infers that this pattern is bullish . However, you should put a stop just below the last low in case we do a full circle and bounce later on. Also would have to give props to @nmike for lessons on Fisher. Both the 100 and 34 are in a half moon set up. Did some scanning on my own and found this to be very bullish . CMF is another indicator tool I like to compare with other divergent indicators and the money is flowing back in AMD .

Rounding Top: Identification Guidelines

Rounding tops are large enough to appear on the weekly or daily chart .
Upward leading to the chart pattern.
Rounded turn Prices form a gentle curve, a half moon shape.
Volume is higher at either end of the pattern often giving volume a rounded, U-shaped, appearance.
A close above the highest high signals an upward breakout. Downward breakouts are a close below the right rim low.

Measure rule: Compute the height from the highest peak in the pattern and subtract it from the right rim low downward breakouts to get a target price breakout
Support: The two rims are support areas.
Height: Tall patterns perform better than short ones.
Volume shape: Patterns with U-shaped volume outperform.
Breakout volume: Heavy breakout volume suggests better performance.
Yearly low: Performs slightly better when the breakout is within a third of the yearly low.
Gaps: Breakout day gaps tend to push price further than do breakouts with no gaps.

Short Interest on AMD is near 15% of the 498 million shares of float. Data provided by Capital IQ

** If AMD were to report less than expected and CEO Rory Read mucks his 2013 forecast, the share price would probably quickly revisit the 52 week lows. However, this would make this investment much more sweeter. I do believe in the comeback story for AMD . Make sure you put in a stop just below the last established base at or near 2.25.


Been eyeing up my AMD play for Jan. 21st earnings play. Looks like a resistance line is coming in view prior to earnings. After earnings could carve our a very quick downtrend to 2.70 area.
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QuantitativeExhaustion QuantitativeExhaustion

A bit more details for technical thoughts on future stock price
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QuantitativeExhaustion QuantitativeExhaustion
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Have you decided how you're going to play earnings?
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AMD second quarter earnings, so far the best option play of the year for me. I am again eyeing up AMD for a big pop. Many people use AMD graphic cards for 3D image rendering, and virtual currency minning. AMD has taken over the high end GPU market, and will soon have the entire sector to themselves. In the foresable future AMD will be leading us through the broadcasted hologram technology boom.
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Looking Good Today .. Doubt the speculation was over an Intel takeover.
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Nice candle with huge volume. Great call!
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Thanks for the setup
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Yeah.. Big money maker
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