NYSE:APD   Air Products and Chemicals, Inc
All in all, this chart does not look good..lol

moving averages are out of order..the 50 is under the 100.

But a falling wedge can be bullish and can serve as a reversal pattern. At he bottom it is pointed in the direction of the trend, downward. At the top is tilts countertrend. It is a longer formation (at least 3 weeks to form) than a flag, plus it often lacks a flag pole. This formation is just over 15 trading days. Both trendlines point downward and converge at the apex,

Possible H&S top

Just an observation.

NV is high on this one/Negative volume is volume on down days...and is when larger players often buy.
OBV/ on balance volume is also high. Short is on the low side


The market does not form chart patterns, psychology does