Motivation on the crypto market

I will tell you about a way of motivation in the crypto market, which I sometimes use myself.

It is simple - I analyze large wallets. I have paid for several services to analyze wallets and the movement of crypto assets. I analyze the wallets.

There are profitable trades when I made dozens. Of course, it's nice to calculate your profit, but you analyze other wallets on this project and see that someone invested 5 times more, respectively, and the income is much higher.
This brings you back to the ground to work harder.

It's nice to just track and see the transactions of the big whale wallets: what they own, what they buy/sell, where they farm/stalk. And when you look at their results, you get motivated to use the same volumes.

I look at their wallet group when they have $500m-$3bn each. At that moment I realize that a correct and clear analysis of prospects can bring very high returns.
Someone will call them lucky, but it can't be lucky all the time. It's already happening systematically. So there's a secret to analyzing it correctly? And they see prospects where no one else sees them yet? And when everyone discusses something promising and it becomes a hype - they are already selling at that moment.

Large transactions and numbers motivate me a lot.

Many top whales hide such deals, and only at the end they transfer the funds to their main wallets. But analyzing such deals after the fact motivates you and reminds you once again that big Xs are possible with the right analysis.
And there is no need to worry that you missed out on some top project.In the crypto market, new opportunities are opening up all the time.To summarize, I wanted to remind you that I am not competing with anyone.
Yes, I compete only with myself, but seeing someone else's success gives me a benchmark for achieving my own intermediate mini-goals, and I realize that the bar can be moved much higher.

To make this post not only motivational, but practically useful I want to share tools:

Also I suggest sharing whale wallets or successful wallets in the comments.
There's a good phrase:
"If we look at the human race as a whole, those who are left alone in society or leave the tribe tend to die faster.
Early on in human history, we learned that you need a group to survive.
Usually those who stick together the most usually win over the others.
Collective thinking helps us to do things more efficiently."

Best regards EXCAVO