ARKX - Because Space is cool.

AMEX:ARKX   ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF
Like this space on the 1hr gap fill.

Lesgo Cathie!


My trade ideas are just that, ideas...and 100% free. DO YOUR OWN DD!

My trade ideas are not an endorsement of any company or product. I will sometimes incorporate news or other info that may be a catalyst for expected price action, but it is only a catalyst. I consider all of my trade ideas to be short term swings. They are ideas that are days or weeks in length and not day trades. I have decided to not provide entries, stops or targets. If you don’t know how to manage your own risk with correct position sizing and stops/targets then you should not be trading live in my opinion.

All of my ideas first focus on price action resulting in predictable patterns and their conclusions. I incorporate Harmonics and Elliott Wave to complement and add strength to these ideas. Depending on the timeframe it is difficult to display some of them. Ultimately, price action and volume rule. The market and individual stocks do not care about my or your opinion on how “cheap” or “expensive” shares or contracts are.

Green Harmonics are bullish, red are bearish. But look at where price is relative to the pattern for expectations of next moves. I often catch Harmonics before completion, so a bearish pattern may still be a bullish move until it completes. Elliot Wave bull/bear counts will be green/red accordingly. After a wave count there are a number of possible next moves.

Lastly, these are all trades that I would and do take.

I hope to provide some value to your trading education, nothing more. Good luck to all.


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