ATER heading back to $20?

NASDAQ:ATER   Aterian, Inc
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ATER has recently pulled back after seeing movement back to the $18ish area. (Extended Hours)

I previously stated that I have a price target of $25. I believe we have the potential to see that fairly soon.
If we manage to get over the 50 MA on the daily, see a little retest of breaking past that, we should see the movement coming to bring us to that $20 area.

So if we can get ATER to run close to that 13.08 fib then retrace creating divergence for an up coming bounce off the 50 MA around 12.14 area. That should give us enough pop off momentum to get back to that $17 range. From there I would think we would need a little extra cool off to gain the power to retest / breakthrough that $20 resistance.

Higher timeframes have more room. Just calling it how I see things unfolding. Chime in with your thoughts, always great hearing others voice their thoughts.