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I'm not an expert on Quasimodo but I have been trying to learn them. Here's my analysis/perspective: You have your hiddenkink marked out, then the market reacts to that hiddenkink at 'Kink h4' and is sent down as you can see. The market retraces and reacts off Kinkh4 and is sent down much further with a double top formation too where you have your red FOZ line. Now market comes back to Hiddenkink zone but the way I see it is that the liquidity is likely to have been absorbed already and so it's less likely to react to this level now.

That's a basic supply and demand analysis which I have described above, as for the Quasimodo, I don't see one. Quasimodo's happen at the top of a range in my opinion / from what I know. You could argue that the reaction you see to the right on the FOZ line is a reaction to the neck line of the head and shoulder pattern (head at Kink h4). Head and shoulder reactions are pretty much the same as Quasimodo's except they look a little different, but you still short at the shoulder in both instances.

Hope that helps. Let me know what you think too.
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