$AVA, Volume has been increasing over last days


Volume has been increasing over last days and today is making a new local high

If manage to hodl/flip this level, it will probably go for continuation toward 10k+ sats

UCTS bullish across multiple TFs & up +60% since UCTS 2D Buy (1st one)

Weekly chart as reference
Comment: update on $AVA,

Sitting above ~7k sats and slowly trying to break out..

For now looking for a R/S flip OR volume as signal of continuation toward ~10k sats

+80% since UCTS 2D Buy signal..

Give it time. 👍

Comment: update on $AVA,

R/S in the making on the ~7k sats level.

Willing to see if volume can recover the momentum but starts to look good for continuation..

Comment: update on $AVA,

Looking good..

Flipping ~7k sats into support while daily is showing strong volume (needs continuation)

UCTS bullish across the board.. (200% up on the 2D Buy signal)

As 1st target ~10k sats (~25%)

Comment: update on $AVA

Reaching for 2nd time to 10k sats level w/ increasing volume over the weekend..

UCTS remaining bullish on HTFs (~150% since 2D Buy signal)

Willing to see if it can cross/flip this level into further continuation.. If happens then 12/15/18k sats


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