NASDAQ:AXNX   Axonics, Inc
Well, another good candidate to buy in the coming days.

What's on the chart:
1. Strong 40 . 40 level, formed on May 19.
2. The level is enhanced by false breakouts and a round number.
3. A series of retests.
4. Two false breakouts of 08.06 and 17.06 showed us a reaction and the instrument went down,
but we didn't go into the short zone.
5. The first false breakout was bought back in two days.
6. The second false breakout was bought back in six days.
7. The following fact is very important: now we are approaching the level on small bars, i.e. the big player is gaining position and leading the average price of his volume upwards.
8. Paper is clearly stronger than the market.
9. Pressure on H1

Safe scenario:
Entering a position above 40 .79 is the price of a false breakout high.
SL is placed behind the breakout bar.
The size of the risk will be bigger than I allow myself in my strategy, however, it may save me from getting an extra SL with another false breakout.

Aggressive scenario:
Entering the breakout 40 . 40
SL is placed under the breakout bar.

Trade closed: target reached: Entry point 40.41.
TP: 40.71
SL: 40.39
RR: 15\1