BAND/USD - if this has been on your watchlist, now is the time

BINANCE:BANDUSD   BAND / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Band Protocol has been very volatile the past months and hasn't made any upward moves in general. In the bigger picture this has been a consolidation phase.
When things get frustrating, a reversal signal is nearby. Indicators also don't lie.
This is the time to start dollar cost averaging and riding a huge run during the months to come.
Comment: Band Protocol has been consolidating and is not respecting the trendline.
While Bitcoin dominance is increasing and alts are bleeding, the outlook is pretty bearish.
I have been averaging in the 6-8 price zone and and have been taking some risk off the table above 9.5 dollar.
If Band Protocol closes below the 6.4 dollar zone, I will drop my position significantly.
Comment: 6.4 dollar zone has held so far.


Today it dumped hardly but is it still valid? Any entry price would be?
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testertje777 acrossbeamair
@acrossbeamair, no one can predict the absolute bottom and ofcourse, in the bigger picture this is still valid. The week will close blood red on the weekly chart and a green candle next week can be expected. With just 2 days to go, I expect to be closer to a bottom than ever before.

I would recommend averaging between 6-8 dollars. The volatility is something we will always see in the crypto space, so it's best to look at price zones instead of absolute prices.
But please try to make your own decisions. Take advice from strangers with a grain of salt.