BB Harmonics: Let's Ride

NYSE:BB   BlackBerry Limited
Okay. This was a difficult one to key out, with several reversal price levels. Each reversal price level that is still left is on this chart. We have a gartley pattern reversal at the red line, which is where the amateurs will tell you that price is reversing; however, this will be a fake out, running a dollar or two before failing and heading down again. The next reversal area comes at the gap-fill , where price should extend slightly further than the gap before reversing for a good 0.382 or 0.618 retracement . This reversal, yet again, should not hold. Price will finally head down to 5-6 dollars, where a long-term price reversal will occur. The fractal price levels converge in this prz as well, adding strength to the veracity of this being the reversal price. Good luck, trade safely, and let's make money at the REAL reversal zone!