BINANCE:BCDBTC   Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin
BCD/BTC had a good day yesterday.

Could be an annomoly given the overall market trend at the moment.

Previous prediction was foiled by the BTC dump.

The daily chart is mostly unchanged so looked at the 4 hour.

Caution with the 4 hour as trends aren't as strong as the longer time frames and may be red herrings.

Here though there may be a bottoming out on the RSI . Pretty strong bounce off the lower level. Could be start of a new trend. MACD also crossed and appears to be moving up.

If this is the bottom then reasonable targets are there.

Worth keeping an eye on.
Comment: I want to apologize for the formatting.

Was done quickly on my cell phone and didn't think the aspect ratio would be this bad.
Comment: Technically the chart is still valid as it has made a higher low since the post.

Will keep watching.