Investment idea for Bloom Energy BE

NYSE:BE   Bloom Energy Corporation
When we look at the chart we can see that the price has been respecting the support zone in the past and that it is now looking to bounce off it again. All of the other things that I think about this stock on a technical chart analysis you can find on the chart.
The only thing that you do need to know is that this is a little risky so if you do want to go in do it with a small portion of your funds.

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Comment: Price did get a good boost when we got the good news. Jumped upto the resistance point and is now going down a little. Will be looking here if we can maybe get a boost and break the resistance zone. If we could break it there is still some good money to be made then.
Going to keep my position open here and keep an eye out for it. Going to do another update on Friday or during the weekend to see if we got the boost that we needed.
Comment: We can see that the price is dropping a little. This is nothing to be afraid of. We can see that the price just went down to the previous resistance level and the 0.382 level of the Fibb. This is a good thing because if the price next week does not go far below the resistance we could see that the previous resistance becomes the next support what would be a good thing for now.
I am not concerned about this movement and I will just keep my position in this stock. If it does turn out to be the next support level than I will add to my position next time it is touching that support level.