Having been 'oft times described as 'fashionably late' I AM VERY HAPPY to see My Projection of ASX:BIT (Biotron) follow the expected path of My Chart Projection.

After a 'STELLAR' run throughout October 2018 ('SP' up 17X) after officially announcing their BREAKTHROUGH Drug 'BIT 225' 's Phase 2 Clinical Trial success in taking a HUGE leap towards the COMPLETE ERADICATION of the HIV Virus - reporting a 100% eradication rate in a small sample of Infected patients, INEVITABLY a STRONG drawdown was due via the usual Profit Taking and SIGNIFICANT Short Selling by Professional Investors (should provide you a clue as to the potential long run VALUE on offer here..?)

Well it would seem as of Today's Price Action that that dynamic has ended the day after I predicted it would with a VERY STRONG GREEN PRINT at VERY LARGE VOLUME rallying ASX:BIT 's 'SP' up 115% in ONE DAY..! Nice..

Given the HEAVY HITTER interest in this potential GLOBAL GAME CHANGER for the entire HIV treatment Market...and the significant International attention such an innovation would attract;

EXPECT VERY LARGE VOLUME TRADING and VERY VOLATILE Price Action whilst this Market for BIT's shares matures over the near term.

Patient Long Holders as well as SKILLED/EXPERIENCED short term Speculators are presented with BOTH Opportunities for LARGE GAINS, over the long and short run respectively.

For the inexperienced; I suggest your BEST Strategy is to go LONG and HOLD on for dear Life as the parties at play here, IF (?) you decide to Trade seeking quick easy Money, will chew you up, spit you out and leave you in
the DIRT bloodied and crying like a Baby..

" O My Money, My Money! Dem bastards tricked me..! Oh Woah is me! "

Well, suck it up Buttercup. That's the Market for you! I suggest to the 'one trick pony' Day Trader crew that may fall into this trap, try your local Casino.

All IS fair in LOVE AND WAR and make no Mistake...TRADING IS NOT ABOUT LOVE! Lol. 'Investment' on the other hand is another Story..

If you cant take the heat don't even think about entering the Kitchen.

Find a TRUSTED Professional Advisory that acts in YOUR BEST INTERESTS, not theirs, and let them do what they are trained to do without interfering unless you smell a RAT! Then act accordingly.

If you lose all of your Money because you were too lazy to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and thought it a good idea to blindly accept some random strangers advice on Social Media (ie. Hot Schlopper), don't come crying to 'Pappa'.

He WONT help YOU over such a trifle as money.

It just means you didn't do your own DUE DILIGENCE/RESEARCH thoroughly enough.


Always DYOR.

DISCLOSURE: I AM LONG ASX:BIT as both a Trader and Mid/Long Term Holder

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