$BLUU .0007-.02 on 1st Run .0010 to ??? On 2nd Run Bkrptcy Exit

OTC:BLUU   Blue Water Global Group, Inc
$BLUU Which is in the process of exiting bankruptcy proceedings, has seen an epic run earlier this year from .0007 to .02 and seems to be gearing up for a 2nd even bigger run as the chart shows massive accumulation.

For updates on the case please access this link:

~ Chapter 11 reorganization
~ Working on cleaning the BLUU shell up for future merger
~ New owners cleaning up shell
~ New Filings on OTCM
~ Intersection Capital: Raised more than $1 billion on behalf of our clients.
~ Plan is to retain all shares after BK but ultimately up to creditors.
~ In process now of getting court date