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Binovi Technologies Corp. ( BNVIF )
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Please turn your immediate attention to Binovi Technologies Corp. ( BNVIF ).

The Company is dual listed trading in the United States (OTCQB:BNVIF) and in Canada (TSX-V:VISN).

The Peloton For Eyes

Over the last year, smart home exercise equipment maker Peloton has seen its shares more than triple as more consumers turn to home workout equipment to stay in shape.

While working on our physical health is important, many do not realize how important it is to also work on our vision. Our eye muscles need to be trained to keep them fit!

Vision is a lot more than just 20/20 vision. Any athlete will probably agree that perfect vision is not all that is needed to be successful when balls are flying at your head at high speeds.

For an athlete, vision is much more than simply seeing clearly. Several important vision skills can affect how well you play your sport and they are key to top performance in many sports.

Sports vision training has become a significant part of training for many sports stars.

While these athletes can easily get on a machine or lift weights if they want to improve their body's performance, how do they transform their vision performance?

BNVIF looks to have the answer to this question with their game changing technology that could redefine vision therapy!

It is NOT just for athletes either. It is for anyone who wants to train their eyes to work better. Children and senior citizens could stand to benefit from the technology too.

About Binovi Technologies Corp.

Binovi is a best-in-class neuro-visual performance platform designed to test, analyze, track, and report on individual cognitive performance. Binovi combines hardware, software, specialized expert knowledge, and unique data insights to deliver customized, one-on-one training and learning protocols ideal for K-12 Students, Vision Care Specialists, and Sports Performance testing and training. Designed for vision optimization and the enhancement of skills related to cognitive performance, Binovi provides measurable results in less time, and with less effort. Binovi is currently used in over 1,500 locations across 20 countries.

It was a few years back that BNVIF bought another company that had been around and serving professional sports rehab hospitals for over four decades.

This hardware has been relaunched at a lower cost and was made blue tooth connected. It has essentially been turned it into a modernized digital hardware technology!

BNVIF's software can change visual systems to help people read better, to help sports stars play better, to help concussion patients recover, and to help senior citizens drive their cars longer into their age.

The market of those who can benefit from such a technology is tremendous. Children, young adults, adults, senior citizens , athletes, patients suffering from developmental issues, or those recovering from injuries. The list is extensive!

According to CEO Adam Cegielski, the company's software will help modernize the eye care profession and easy implementation is one of the strengths of the technology.

BNVIF has had ongoing efforts to realign and rebrand as Binovi Technologies Corp. and has announced the acquisition of the "" domain name, indirectly through the acquisition of a private Alberta company holding the domain.

This solidifies the Company's branding position and will allow for the continued development and expansion of market share and brand recognition within the vision therapy, sports performance, and education spaces moving forward.

What Exactly is Binovi?

Utilizing in-office and home-based activity protocols, the innovative Binovi platform helps optometric practices gain greater results, faster, with improved patient satisfaction in areas ranging from sports performance to binocular vision abnormalities.

BNVIF sells software to optometrists who leverage world class videos that the company has created to teach people how to run vision led motor activities in the convenience of their homes.

These instructional videos go to patients who use the Binovi coach app, which gives them doctor compliance and feedback on how to use the activities.

The Binovi Platform allows clinicians to track patient progress remotely, reviewing profiles at any time, and assigning new and updated treatment plans that update in Binovi Coach in real time. The integrated multi-media instructions allow patients to accurately follow their prescribed activities from home as normal, while the included secure messaging allows for communication between patients and their care teams to answer any questions and provide updates.

Personalized Plan

Home therapy plans are tailored to each individual patient, with different activities assigned based on need and ability.

Parents can keep track of multiple children using the same app and account though Profile Switching, making home therapy a family activity, and promoting compliance.

Multimedia Instructions

Each activity comes with high quality multimedia instructions recorded by top vision therapy experts to help patients complete them perfectly.

No more guesswork or hunting for accessories – Binovi Coach includes a handy Metronome and Timer built right into the app.

Long Term Goals

Results do not happen overnight. Binovi Coach logs home therapy activity for the care team and stores past home therapy plans for reference and so that patients can see how far they’ve come.

Always Connected

Patients are in constant contact with their care team through secure messaging and real-time home therapy plan updates.

Connected through Bluetooth to the Binovi Touch iPad app, a single iPad can control any number of Binovi Touch devices.

Launch the Binovi Touch App from Binovi Pro to record patient data directly to their profile and track their progress.

Why Binovi?

Binovi Has Already Started Commercializing Its Vision Therapy Platform

Clients Include:

Dallas Stars (NHL)
Chicago Cubs (MLB)
Sporting KC ( MLS )
Tennis Canada
Showcased During NFL Scouting Combine
Company's Vision Therapy Products Used In:

Over 1,500 Practices
20 Countries
Flagship "Binovi" Is State-Of-The-Art Platform

Measures 14 Key Vision Skills
Essential For Maximizing Brain Performance
Shipped Over 400 Binovi Units (April 2020)
Goal Is 2,500 Binovi Units (End Of 2020)
Signed Sports Vision Partnership With Eli Wilson Goaltending

World Leader in Goaltending Development
600 Active Goaltending Camp Participants
50,000 Global Aspiring Goaltenders
Closed Major Financing in Q1 2020

Binovi is now well positioned to further commercialize and capitalize on massive demand for Vision Therapy and Training for Athletes and Education

Roadmap For Success

BNVIF has a comprehensive plan to advance the business, drive profitable growth, and create shareholder value. This plan includes:

The continuation of its mission to help drive human vision performance for the 1 in 4 individuals who suffer from binocular vision problems
The ongoing development and growth within the Vision Rehabilitation Market through Binovi Pro and Binovi Coach Software Service Platforms
The expansion of Premium Educational Content through the Binovi Academy in order to drive hardware and software adoption, ensuring world class education to all providers
The expansion of its Binovi Touch Hardware into the Sports Performance Market through strategic partnerships and by driving revenue at high profile tradeshows
The extension of Binovi Hardware to bring enhanced features, data and insights to its valued customers who trust their products with their businesses
BNVIF has already shipped over 400 Binovi Touch units into the marketplace!

The Company continues to grow its base of monthly recurring revenue through the development of strategic alliances with neurovision training facilities, including world class sports teams, athletic training organizations, vision training clinics, and concussion recovery centers.

It is the companys goal to exit 2020 with an installed base of 2500 Binovi Touch Units!

To meet this objective, BNVIF has been actively pursuing strategic alliances with sports training organizations to gain further market exposure, with more to come in the near.

These alliances will expose the Company to tens of thousands of athletes globally!

Market Outlook

According to the World Health Organization, at least 2.2 billion people in the world have a vision impairment or blindness, of whom at least 1 billion have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed. The keyword here is prevention!

BNVIF has introduced a purposeful and powerful tool for performance vision training that can be used for education, sports, healthy ageing, and rehabilitation.

As the company carves out a niche market and positions itself to become the go-to brand for sports vision training, BNVIF shares could see substantial upside!

Sports Vision Therapy is a Massive Market!

Hockey player Wayne Gretzky had flexible visual systems and depth perception. He was one of the greatest players in the sport. Players need to work on their eyes to get to the ultimate performance level.

Larry Fitzgerald, one of the best wide receivers had a learning disability as a child. His grandparents were functional vision therapy doctors and thus he developed the most amazing hand eye coordination.

Many players suffer concussions due to sports. It is functional vision skills and testing that allows BNVIF to identify what is going on after a concussion.

Players lose peripheral vision and end up with tunnel vision after a concussion. It is easy to measure but it is dramatic on how it affects the brain.

The company’s Binovi vision training technology differentiates from traditional testing. It breaks down functional vision tests into clinical categories and runs tests to measure specific skills.

Being able to identify which skill is deficient allows you to target it and easily fix it. With this technology optometrists can target specific functions after identifying which ones are not working well.

BNVIF is showing athletes that their vision could be better. While many think they have great vision and say they can see, it is with the Binovi platform that they admit their vision can be improved.

The market potential is enormous in the sports space as the company’s technology could become the standard in locker rooms and training facilities.

Children Represent Another Extensive Market

There has been an increase in the number of children being affected by myopia (nearsightedness), particularly as more kids spend more time glued to iPads and computer screens.

Even if they have 20/20 vision, some children may have trouble getting their eyes to focus or follow things in the world — to catch a ball, for instance, or track a line of text across a page.

Vision training may be able to help by training a child’s eyes to work together more efficiently.

Post-Concussion Market

Much has been made of the risks and results of traumatic brain injuries suffered during play. Concussions are now being treated as the serious injury that they really are, leading to increased scrutiny and associated rate of diagnosis. Part of Sports Vision Training is being able to have a reference point from which athletes can be compared following a serious impact.

Vision therapy plays a great role in coming back from a concussion.

A few years back New Jersey Devils player Bryce Salvador used vision training to fight back from a career-threatening concussion. He had used intensive vision therapy in hopes to “reconnect” his eyes back to each other, and then back to his circuit board.

Technical Analysis

BNVIF Has A Low Float And Tremendous Upside Potential

We did our very own technical analysis , and see the potential for a big move from here.

Bullish Indicators

Breakout and back-test complete. Volume spike confirms breakout
Significant increase in volume
MACD and histogram make bullish move above zero-line.
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The Bottom Line

BNVIF is a thinly traded stock and with a limited supply of shares for the public and a long list of positive press releases in recent months, the stock could be gearing up for explosive moves as the world learns more about the company.

Peloton took the world by storm as a new fitness experience to help people get in or stay in shape. The company became a big name in fitness with over 1 million users and growing.

The same way people jumped onto this new fitness trend is the way eye fitness could start getting recognition.

Our eyes are what allow us to connect with our surroundings, keep us safe, and help maintain the sharpness of our minds.

The market potential here is unlimited from little children all the way to baby boomers who want to ensure their eyesight carries them into older age. It is estimated that one in four people in the United States suffer from oculomotor sensory system issues!

The best part is that with the Binovi app, people can train their eyes right from home without needing to visit a doctor's office!

Athletes train to have a better swing, throw further, and run faster. They also train their eyes.

There is huge potential for the company to score agreements with professional and collegiate sports teams and the publicity of such agreements could quickly get Binovi recognized all over!

As many nations continue to practice social distancing during COVID-19 and post pandemic, the Binovi Sports Vision Platform offers accessible turnkey athletic resources in step with subscription-based home fitness solutions Tonal, Peloton (PTON: NASDAQ) and Mirror!

Athletes represent a market that could really stand to benefit from the technology and if this company starts churning out agreements with pro players and teams, the sky could be the limit for share prices!By Viewing this Content, you Agree that you Have Read and are in Full Understanding of both our Disclaimer & Privacy Policy(*Remember to use a Stop-Loss Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)
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