NASDAQ:BPTH   Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.
I remember seeing this move live in real-time when it happened. It was amazing!

Thought of doing a study case of this pattern.

The chart is self-explanatory.

First, you wait for the first part of the pattern to happen ----> Huge gains + Huge Volume

Second, you watch it does the first pullback, and keep an eye on the HIGH.

Third, when the stock is making a new high, you enter with momentum, risking to the previous low.
The previous low is almost 50% away but it is fine, it is safer this way, being conservative protects you in the long run, putting 1 unit of risk on this trade.

Either to take profit on the way up somewhere when the profit seems substantial, or according to the gap theory, or take profit when touching the EMA, or when you see the move is drying up.

You can see that the move is drying up when there is no substantial volume on the rallies + the rallies don't follow through.

Note to self: I noticed that when there is a downtrend on drying volume, odds that the downtrend will continue ---->>> POTENTIAL SHORT SETUP

*** Could possibly look at options if they are profitable or not for this trade.

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