BPTH - Good News in Dec = Enormous Profits

NASDAQ:BPTH   Bio-Path Holdings, Inc.
BPTH, the ticker to the company Bio Path Holdings is currently trending down. This ticker has been a poor performer for the entire year with small time periods where day traders may make an easy 20-60 percent. Bio Path may seem like a decent day trading target where it follows the downward trending line and tends to bounce up a few days after coming into contact with it. If this continues, one can easily make short term gains and find value in this, but it will make much more sense to wait.

Bio Path will be releasing news on its number one drug, Prexigebersen for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). This drug with good data has the potential of making Bio Path a multi billion dollar company. As you can see last year, Bio Path jumped from a startling ~$1 per share to ~$70 per share with one good news release. It is not easy to find these opportunities very often, that's why timing is the key.

Bio Medical companies tend to slowly decrease in value or, "bleed" waiting for positive news from the company. This is due to the companies being unprofitable and often seek financing deals creating stock dilution. The good news is what makes the stock relatively value because of the opportunity for day traders to capitalize on large percentage gains with a simple news release, but at the same time, you could also lose a large amount if it were negative.

Bio Path will release news on Prexigebersen this December and if you don't know enough about it, I recommend you do a little research on your own.

Any investment in this company is indeed speculation. Investing with small positions is the proper strategy with bio-med.



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