V Bottom Rising Wedge Gap

NASDAQ:BRKS   Brooks Automation, Inc
Earnings beat Must have been well received. Long after pull back
Monthly candle looks good as does weekly. I am just thinking the buying will exhaust soon..but who knows? Amd this one has pierced the bottom trendline of the wedge with a candle tail. There is still that gap though. I hate gaps under me
Has broken out of V Bottom leaving a small gap. I may go long after pull back is complete if and when that occurs. But we know they always do (o:
Old R at 65.13
If she makes it past there, could fly! This high of 65.13 is from many years ago. I have found old resistance will come back to bite me if I ignore it, no matter how old it is
The market is amazing that way. It is like it remembers stuff from 20 years ago!
Possible pull back to pierce rising wedge pattern which is bearish for most. 44.5 is bottom trend line of rising wedge pattern

I will play it by ear and wait for a pull back. Short is on the high side, which I expected before I even looked
If 65.13 is broken, v bottom targets would possibly be 74 and 80
I would only touch this if there is a signicant pull back. We are all different though.
Does seem like automation will do well in our current environment. I own ROK so I probably do not need this one. But Rok misssed earnings ..this one did not
Good luck!
Not a recommendation