Hello everyone. Today we’re gonna tell you a little bit about free bonuses exchanges are offering for their users.

We know that with the increased competition for users, exchanges are trying to attract users in various ways, including bonus programs. For new traders, these bonuses can be a great way to get started with trading without risking their own funds, save money on trading fees, and even earn rewards for referring friends to the platform.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of bonuses:
  • Free cryptocurrency: Some exchanges may offer a small amount of cryptocurrency to new users upon registration or first deposit
  • Reduced fees: Other exchanges can offer reduced trading fees for new users for a limited time. This can be a good way to save money on trading fees and to get familiar with the platform
  • Referral bonuses: One more type of bonuses is referral bonuses to users who refer new customers to the platform. The new user may also receive a bonus for signing up through the referral link
  • Other incentives: Of course there are other types of incentives, such as access to exclusive features, priority customer support, or other benefits
There are many rewards programs for various types of actions. For example you’ll get tokens or vouchers for taking some kind of survey, for following exchange’s twitter, discord and so on. Also we have to mention bug bounty programs - finding bugs on a website or terminal or on other exchange’s resources BUT…

What are the disadvantages of receiving free bonuses?
  • In some cases, the conditions for receiving, using and withdrawing the bonuses are too complicated and not worth the effort.
  • Sometimes we get a bonus that we can spend only on a certain token, not to divide it into several coins.
  • And last is that occasionally to get some bonuses it’s necessary to trade a certain volume
These disadvantages might scare off some newbies but nowadays many exchanges make the user’s way of receiving bonuses more like a game to involve the user in the process and not to scare him off.

There are different platforms which give users the opportunity to receive bonuses in game form. (e.g. Crew3)
On these platforms there are various market players: exchanges, crypto-projects, nft-projects, which offer users to complete various tasks for a reward.

How is it better than our usual ways of getting bonuses? Because on such platforms we pass different levels, get special statuses, earn experience, and see our progress. Just like in p2e-format projects.

In conclusion, the market has many different options for obtaining bonuses from simple to complex, from the typical to the unusual in its mechanics. In the current period players on the market are trying to think up more interesting methods of bonus obtaining, they try to offer bonuses which will be relevant for users, not the ones for which you won't press a button and this competition leads us to the improvement of interaction between the product and the user.

Thanks for reading! Share with us your opinion about bonuses in the comments below.

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