"the ponzi always wins ;)"

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i made a post awhile back discussing one of the biggest scams to ever take place in the history of btc .

we're finally up here in this range, with a strong rejection from the original area i had imagined.

the bears are excited right now, and are trying to short this, and that is exactly what the ponzi needs to expand higher.

how high you ask?

well, there's a cme gap between 47~49k, which is perfectly in confluence with the organic wave b target aka the golden zone.

if we do get up there, it will only be a wick just past the 1.618 extension of the entire wave X.

the law of alternation supports this kind of w4 correction, and the ponzi always wins by sucking in the herds into the most beautiful suckers rally in the history of man kind LOL.

i'm not bearish nor bullish right now, just waiting to see further confirmation from this incredible arcade game in which ever direction it chooses to go.

i'll 100% try to short that cme gap though, i can't not ;).

good luck to all my bears and bulls! i'm neutral today.


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