BTCEUR Pattern, lines - short term

COINBASE:BTCEUR   Bitcoin / Euro
These are just lines to demonstrate a pattern. It doesn't say anything about the direction, because the result of this pattern is the combination of several markets and numerous individual decisions. Nevertheless, bots have a tendency to act rationally, hence the fomation of patterns that refelct the optimal mathematical solution. I'm just interested in seeing that live, as it forms.
I am a sculptor, not a trader.
Comment: The bottom blue line is actually a little bit too high, not much.
Comment: We just crossed the bottom blue line. I drew it too high.
Comment: ...and because of that, the black line was also a bit high. We seem to have crossed it now.
Comment: I do low key expect it to go up more, to the yellow line. If it crosses the red Fib, I guess that if you want to sell it could be there. But who is to say it will really correct after September 13th.