Bitcoin FUD Is Over. Prepare To LONG!

KORBIT:BTCKRW   Bitcoin / South Korean Won
Three bullish signs:

- MACD 4h about to cross up.
- Godmode indicator also about to cross up.
- RSI higly oversold and about to break that line upwards.

Also the last few days have been nothing but senseless FUD. If Korea closes or breaks down on exchanges, users will just move somewhere else. That's why BNB (Binance Coin) has been pumping lately I think.

Price action is also locked into a channel.

Next TP is around 34000000.

Good luck!
Trade active: Zooming in, there is a falling wedge pattern.

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Comment: Breakout of the pennant.

Comment: BTCKRW hasn't been able to break the FIB resistance. I think it's about to go down.

Comment: Ok we have just bottomed. Double falling wedge on a box formation. Market going up again.

Comment: Bottom didn't hold for too long.

Could be having a new bounce now though.
Comment: Looks like BTC is ready to break that dump resistance.

Comment: After the bounce we have BTCKRW going downwards at least 7% more in the upcoming hours. The bounce was strong but that’s usually a characteristic of bear markets. They don’t last too long...

If we drop to the indicated price level in the chart there could be another bounce and we could head a bit higher. Nevertheless I do not expect this other possible bounce to hold and I think we will see BTC reaching new lows in the next days.


going down to touch 11k bro
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Zurh1 mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, or xrp to 0.40 cents?))))) nice call Bro)))))
Short it)))))))
@Zurh1, yeah that was weird , it may hit later in the upcomming days
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Zurh1 mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, good luck in short))))))))))))))))
@Zurh1, hope you shorted
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@Zurh1, XRp hit 70 cents today and bounced back , Now when BTC makes it final correction to 8/5k XRP will hit then .40 cents and that will explain the .40 cent graph above and the investigation can be closed
@Zurh1, 40 cents coming up next week - i hope you shorted at 3.20 .

Zurh1 mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, respect!!!!! I'm not short it((((( only sold at high
not ath)))))
@Zurh1, now its hitting close to 2.60

Cheers Man , Waiting for 8k to hit but with the recent dip its now possible to graph BTC till 6k lows which is disturbing .