Bitcoin + Altcoins Growing Together (Next Target & More)

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We have the best possible scenario right now and we are seeing Bitcoin growing together with the Altcoins...

Bitcoin continues to hit new All-Time Highs every day with the latest being $40,402 yesterday and today a new one with more to come.

Many of the smaller capped. Altcoins are starting to recover printing 2/3 digits growth, recovering months of bleeding in just 1-3 days... Which is amazing growth.

This is the best possible scenario but many altcoins are yet to grow, more time is needed.

There are now thousands and thousands of altcoins within the cryptocurrency market, the market is way bigger than it used to be, we can tell that even by looking at the TOTAL market capitalization for Bitcoin & Crypto which is now over $1 Trillion.

When a wave in the past would take only 1-2 months, it can now take 5-6 months before the money moves from one set of altcoins to a different one.

So even though we have many altcoins recovering months of bleeding in just a few days, it will still take many months for this to become the norm and recover all those red. Meaning, it will take a lot of time before everything starts growing again...

This is positive, this can signal that the bull market for the altcoins can last many years when we start to see higher highs and higher lows.

But Bitcoin moves first and it has been doing what it always does... It is going beyond what anybody could imagine, it continues to surprise us all...

Continue to aim high...

Remember when it was hard to imagine Bitcoin at $3,000, on the bullish side, and today we are aiming at $46,000+ and beyond.

What about the Altcoins?

When Bitcoin stops, they will also move to conquer/hit new All-Time Highs and the margin for potential profits is so much higher... We will be surprised to say the least when the altcoins market really takes off.

Patience is key!

Thanks a lot for your support.

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is it possible to achieve the price target
I like your work! Thanks for such clear charts of bitcoin and Altcoin.
You are super right. Bitcoin and Altcoin are moving together