BTC Do you see what I see

BYBIT:BTCUSD.P   BTCUSD Perpetual Contract
The green buy alerted an area of concern for needed volume to have a continuation. This has been a go to short signal when trading BTC as we have seen 90% of the time this fails and give a great maker short entry.
shortly after this we got a strong short alert and being under the golden dump line a sell signal too is considered very strong. A potential for a reversal was noticed and this would give you a chance to catch the fade range on the trade.

Sad thing with this lack of volume the trades are setting up in the early morning where they choose the direction and sit on it most of the day.

We need a reason to get excited about trading again now that the #BybitBrawl has ended

The trade alert is based as always on the Trade Trend Indicator suite based on 24 years of stock trading experience

The TTI Suite identifies high probability of profit trade entry ideas and account saving exits

#TradeSafe #Tradesocially #TheDarkArmy

None of this is investment advice just for your infotainment and edutainment

The #VoodooWarlord and MSQO are the driving factor for all #BanterBucks trade ideas. They are based on 27 years of trading experience to help guide trades.
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