Ninja Scalper is the next evolution of the Trade Trend Indicator.

I have been trading for over 23 years now and these indicators are based on my trading style risk verse reward. The change in this is to make it more responsive and to integrate with Sword.

The background of this indicator is:

The original Trade Trend Indicator (indicator) has been the brain child of 23 years of trading experience rolled into a simple to understand all market setup alert system based solely on 5 high probability trade set ups with a 6th high risk. The hope is to provide something that is can assist traders in building confidence in their trades with a little assistance from the indicator.

This like any and all indicators is not a be all and end to trading, yes while back tested the indicator has produced fantastic profitable results; past performance is not a guarantee of future but which with human intervention can increase the return result exponentially.

You need to be able to chart simple candle sticks and you need to have an understanding of support and resistance areas to make sense of what you are doing in trading otherwise even this indicator won't help you.

While this may alert buy or sell / long or short entrance these are to be taken as educational points of reference and if you wish to trade you are understanding that you enter and exit at your own risk. Not many indicators will alert you to the possibility of a rogue wave spike / dump or both, this will but everything is perspective of the time frame you are on.

The indicator is designed for the 4hour time frame with trade entry on the 15min and managed on the 30min time frame. Alot can happen within these time frame but as we know not every trader can sit in front of a screen for hours at a time and this let's one trade for swings. Once you have your entry you place your exits and you set your stops. If you wait for the alert to exit you are in a draw down this should never reach that point pay yourself for being right.

The some set ups are simple:
1. Trend change from bearish to bullish buys are dip interim support entries.
2. Trend change from bullish to bearish sells are top interim resistance exits.
3. Blue buy is an entry position for a trade.
4. Blue long is an add position for a trade.
5. Red short is just that a short trade idea. (this is advanced and requires a manual cover target),

6. Green buy is a break out over the next candle to print above (highest risk)

All trades are based on a 5% to 10% of capital entry with no more than 40% ever in 1 trade goal is many consistent trade wins while limiting the losses and size.

Certain set ups such as longs over the Moving Averages but below the cloud can lead to strong rally returns as well as short in a bearish trend just above the Moving Averages can give prolonged selling pressure.

Pay attention to the golden dump line as it rises the closer to the candle it gets the higher the risk of the trade lacking continuation.

None of this is to be taken as investment advice but rather Edutainment and infotainment


The #VoodooWarlord and MSQO are the driving factor for all #BanterBucks trade ideas. They are based on 27 years of trading experience to help guide trades.
Access to them here https://discord.com/invite/soon
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