BTC Price Prediction From Aug-Sept

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
So this path marks out a prediction for BTC over the coming weeks. It's just an idea I'll be following and refining if it continues to be confirmed.

The underlying ideas are the following.

- BTC is having a predictable relief rally after crashing off it's ATH .
- Using BTC's past behavior with bars patterns and market psychology I found the bones for these moves
- I used and will continue to use several other points of confluence including a high time frame logarithmic chart that has been useful in predicting macro moves.
- The timing and strength of these moves are also based on my read of the strength of the USD over the coming months.

- I do not believe any of this is written in stone. It is just a potential path and is completely subject to varying conditions. The most impactful, I believe would be the money
supply. I think regulatory concerns and tweets from Elon Musk , etc.. will be used to explain these kinds of moves but are really irrelevant to the dynamics.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to see more of the analysis. I only used this pitchfork here to help with the visualization and it is a secondary point of confluence.

You can see the link to a similar earlier Idea linked below. As you can see it was too soon and invalidated but the general notion was still, I believe, valid.

Happy trading :)