🅱️ I Was Wrong About Bitcoin —Pt 3—Grand Finale! $100,000 Next!

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Bitcoin is now trading almost at $55,000 and getting close to a new All-Time High.
The next target...

Good Monday my fellow Cryptocurrency trader, I am hoping you are having a great start to this week.

Let's consider our previous bearish view of the market, how this can change and evolve into why Bitcoin is headed toward $100,000+ within weeks based on current price action.

First, let's admit defeat... I was wrong about Bitcoin.
➖ I was obviously wrong about calling for a Bitcoin correction.
➖ If not wrong, in the least way too early, but let's keep it at wrong.
It happens to humans but that's ok, we learn from mistakes.

Where do we go from here?

Looking at the current chart and market situation, it is very wise to say that corrections are a thing the past —the old Cryptocurrency era, and now we can focus on and experience forever more, straight up.

The main and most bullish signals right now affecting Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market are the following:

1) The launch of the Bitcoin Spot ETF in the USA.
2) Michael Saylor bought Bitcoin.

The markets can be very wild and unpredictable but some things cannot be ignored. There are certain events in life that are just a catalyst for change.

"This time it will be different," for sure.
And we can expect Bitcoin to move, to continue going straight up.

Resistance can be found at multiple levels above $53,000 such as $55,000, $60,000, $64,000 and $70,000 as new All-Time High but we can be certain based on bullish factors that Bitcoin will go straight to $80,000 first followed by $100,00. If not in February, then surely in March or April; if the bulls follow up.

Now, let's be a little more exact: The next target for this bullish wave, if Bitcoin can go beyond $55,000 weekly, stands at $79,600 (~$80,000) and the $104,110 to $114,575 price range (~$100,000).

How long will it take to get there is the true question.

Will it take months, weeks or days?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Don't be shy... Open up and share everything you have with us.

Thank you for reading.

Your support is appreciated.

Bitcoin Is Headed Toward $250,000, Will There Be Corrections On The Way?

It is the same question we continue to ask ourselves, how will certain Altcoins be affected if Bitcoin starts to correct?

Will the entire market be affected in the same way?
Which set of the market is likely to go down with Bitcoin?
Which set of the market will detach and even gain bullish momentum when the time for a market correction comes?

No wonder it is a repeating theme in our minds, it is a great set of questions.

A correction is not a matter of if but when.

A "marketwide" correction is not possible anymore though. Many Cryptos have been correcting for months. It would be strange to see them continue moving forever down, specially when we know that some are going up, while others are going down.

Knowing this, a set of the market will grow while another set consolidates.
A set will grow strong, while another set retraces. This is already happening now, this is happening today.

➖ Most of the Altcoins vs Bitcoin pairs declined in 2023.
➖ Most of the Altcoins vs Tether pairs moved up in 2023.

If a major section of the USDT pairings go down, we can expect a major section of the BTC pairings to go up.

Those that are really high will go into correction.
Those that are really low will grow.

In a bear market everything goes down.
In a bull market everything moves up.

When we are in between cycles, everything goes.
Some will go down, while others go up.

I will be sharing all those that are set to grow...
We are now in the new age of Crypto!

But, very important. The initial reaction can be really strong and take everything down but only for few days. After the initial "surprise" reaction is priced in, those that are going forward will reveal so through a very strong bounce; those that will stay behind will reveal so because they will move to hit new lows.

There will be an initial period of uncertainty, lasting a few days but then everything will be clear; it will be 100% clear that 2024 is a year of sustained growth, all across.

Yes! There will be strong corrections but it will be hard to tell because when one goes down, the one next door goes up.

We just need to get in the positive flow of buying those red/low and selling those green/high/moving up.

If we can focus on the ones feeling abandoned, looking like no excitement and nothing will take place (low risk), we are likely to end with better result than if we focus on the ones that are growing by 100% everyday.

If you can't buy and hold now, you won't be able to do so when the market goes out of control.

Emotions will be running high for a prolonged period of time and when time to sell comes, we will be too busy feeling complacent and counting the numbers on the screen. Saying, "Oh look, I've won so much!" but then in a single day you can experience a 30% to 50% drop.

➖ Plan ahead of time.
➖ Do your research before trading.
➖ Take profits on the way up.

Something many people are unfamiliar with is that the main mistake beginners make is not "selling too fast," but actually not selling at all.

You will either sell too early or hold through the entire bearish wave... I mean, if you don't create the habit to secure profits on winning trades.

This is not financial advice of course but it can help you win the trading game.

Watch-out... Everything can change in an instant, in a day.

Buy low, sell high!
The current bullish wave TOP is in!
Prepare accordingly!

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