This correction might hurt some more before it gets better

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
1) because of the stupid fomo bull run
2) we might actually end up on the lower trend lines
3) especially if you were to look at the monthly RSI ; we don't know that bottom yet ...

what's the lowest monthly rsi we could reach ?
nobody knows, we might be about to find out ...

but ok, this would be short term, long term ... we're obviously still within the long term trend lines , it's just that f'ng fomo bull run from you w'nkers last year ... happy now !?

keep buying small amounts weekly, hodl and you'll be fine
Comment: from november 2019;
BTC ~ it might go as low as $4.800

there's a play button on the chart, when you click that it will update the chart, so you can see how accurate it turns out to be; try it

Comment: it's easy to do;
put on log scale ... obviously !?!
then select the fib channel; it requires 3 reference points;
pick highest 2 peaks and lowest low ... that's it

so easy, yet so valuable; you now know exactly within which margins bitcoin will continue its upward trend in the long run