July, 5. Bitcoin exit strategy.

Hello. Bitcoin chart analysts, investors. I am XBT Laps. :)

XBT is another name of Bitcoin. Laps mean a nurturing environment(like a mother's knee).
(As a person studying charts, I looked at it with a beginner's mind, so I ask for your patience and understanding even if the content is insufficient.)

Exit strategy is to minimize the economic damage and restore it to its original state. The economic means of using an exit strategy is seen as the beginning of a long-term rise. Charts are used as exit strategies such as mass inflow of assets into the cryptocurrency market, rise in the value of Bitcoin as a hedge measure, triggering positive sentiment through the news, and inflation due to quantitative easing in the world(inflation, falling currency values ​​in each country). May be reflected in In general, if you use the exit strategy earlier than it should, the recovery effect will disappear, and if you use it late, you may fall back to stagnation. As a result, if Bitcoin falls below 8K, you may encounter a situation where it is difficult to rise above 10K. As such, Bitcoin, which is a creature that constantly breathes 24 hours a day, will reflect the technical analysis and market sentiment, and we will face the point of naturally exploring the exit strategy.

The premise of chart analysis is as follows.
-It is a downtrend to check the bottom. (The current flow must be a sidewalk that forms the bottom right.)
-We supported the centerline of the downtrend. (Even if you come down again, you still need to get support from the downtrend line.)
-Breaking the top of the downtrend. (It seems to be breaking through the top, but if you turn it back, the downtrend is not over.)

If I look at the chart in two parts according it is as follows.
-We are moving sideways on the downtrend line.(First 1~5, Second 1~5)
-Escape from the downtrend line.(Third 1~5, fourth 1~5)
-1~2 is a technical rebound in a downtrend, and 3~5 are adjustment at the support line, and the flow of 1~5 is repeated.
-Except in the case of a fall from the first 5 to the second 1, all continued 1-5 with an increase.
-When moving from the 5th to the 3rd 1 and moving from the 3rd to the 4th 1, they showed a downward trend.

Looking through the MACD indicators, it is as follows.
-On the downtrend line, the first(negative), the second(negative → positive), the third(positive → negative), and the fourth(negative → positive). Overall, the flow is naturally moving from negative to positive. This can be seen as a sign of ascent. Conversely, the conversion from positive to negative can be seen as a sign of decline.
-Observing the MA (12, 26) and the golden cross and dead cross of MACD(blue at the bottom), and MACD signal(red at the bottom) of the first to fourth sections can predict 1-5 of the fifth section.

Currently, I have not entered long and short positions, and I am watching.Yesterday I looked at the chart as falling, and today as rising. I took some time to find out which perspective was better suited to my criteria, judgment and investment. I hope that both of these perspectives will help you invest and lead to profit. So far, we have described the premise of chart analysis, subjective analysis of charts, and the basis for analysis. What do you think? Please comment on my point of view.

There are people who consistently like my ideas❤️. Sincerely, I will lend them all the good luck I have. Less damage! A lot of profit! for every investment! I really hope you get it. We're following each other. Thank you.🙇🏻

"Work less and earn more while you live." -XBT Laps


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