Bitcoin Brain Storm Part 1; High Time Frames (2-Week to 3-Day)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
REMEMBER: Upward Pressure SHOULD CONTINUE to the 2-Week Candle Beginning June 24 to July 8; according to my calculations. Which means we should not see our usual dump of 35 to 40 percent until then. Yes, it's POSSIBLE to have a DIP of 20 to 25 percent between now and then. However, I do NOT see a DUMP occurring UNTIL some time between June 24 and July 22, 2019.

I'm about to follow up with "Bitcoin Brain Storm Part 2" picking up with 3-Day time frame again.

Stay Tuned and Stay Awesome!

; )
- No FOMO any more
- Facing with supply zone
- AD break down trendline
- Bearish Engulfing pattern
- All good news has been published
- We're seeing bearish divergences in the RSI ...

Please take a look at our idea and let us know what you think!

"Stay Tuned and Stay Awesome!"

You are Awesome man! Keep it up! d:-)
There will be no mass adoption to some asset class that is in mass quantities (scarce in nature) held by the very few rich who can splash and spill it at their whims and fancies. There will be no adoption due to the fact of exchanges manipulating the prices covering up their laundering activities. The way the elites are creating a magical effect that every human will choke up if they don't own btc today is ridiculous. Dreams of 100k to 500k prices sold to the common man inviting them to speculation is a karmic crime anyways. Comparing it to gold and releasing TV ads this year doesn't make sense either when it was most needed last year to infuse confidence during a bear phase (again personal motive of bary silbert since he has a trust and must be having heavy alt bags his trust invests into) These guys Pompalino, Saifdean, Mccormack, Mcafee, Antanopolous, Murad, Armstrong, Winklevoss twins, Jimmy Wong and likes of all these names, who are they? Since years they have been in a super plan mode to promote this asset class shilling and selling dreams to every single person on twitter taking them away from the current activities of life. I see many people having dreams of making 2 million dollars in as quick as 2 years by just buying btc. DO u guys even think these people, these names i mentioned they are the mafia in crypto run and controlled by much bigger heads who fund them. Bitfinex is running a day light robbery as easy as cutting butter with a knife willfully printing paper tether and priming the prices up. Does this all seem normal to everyone? Leaving a paying job or atleast working with a half willed heart at work and more immersed into crypto are you doing justice to yourself? Why is it now that we are hearing all good news? Why? That ad "drop gold" by Grayscale why didn't it come last year when people were losing money buying the top. Don't u think that was the perfect time to introduce people to bitcoin if adoption was truly the agenda. Nope that time they were dumping their bags at inflated rates upon you at 18k, 15k, 10k and so on. Now when they filled their waters with bags down dumping upon you since Jan till April this was the perfect time to create a full on bull mode so that FMOMO kicks in hard. This is exactly what is happening. No one gives a fuck of btc. Even readers of my message won't. The simple reason is that all of us need money to live and not a block asset that appreciates and depreciates in minutes. The fact all of us would want to redeem btc at 100k or 500k so the beleif is still cash out into fiat. Why? U love btc why cash into fiat. If that's the case then fiat pays more importance to btc. Take time think whats happening why its happening and who is playing this game. What is their motive. I'm pretty sure its to sell their low bought bags at higher rates and have u hold them for ages till finally either government shuts this down or btc retraces and eventually fails to act as a currency which in most cases it will.
@aakeelr, interest rates have risen, drying up dollars from entering crypto, most others dont have a spare penny to invest in crypto, because the DOLLAR is the scam. Just because a few hold a lot of an item that is much More useful than dollars in permission bank accounts does not detract from the value. Crypto is not forced into anyones life, unlike the dollar or other fiats. Its a volunteer system. If you dont want to use it, you dont have to.

Have you ever had bank freeze your account, been charged and overdraft fee, travel AND lose your debit card. I have. Time and time again crypto has come to the rescue for me where as banks, debit cards, fiat has failed me.

Crypto is a free market, permissionless item that you are free to use at your discretion.

in 2022 the #1 expense for the US govt will be interest on the 22trillion of debt we have. Moving forward, US will need to print money to pay the just the interest on the debt, this puts US further into debt and will cause hyperinflation.

No one forces you to abandon your bank, but what crypto does offer, is a choice. You now have an option that you didn't have before to EARN, SAVE, AND SPEND, in a way that you are completely in control of your wealth. You can decide if and when you want to convert your crypto to cash or the other way around. Prior to Bitcoin, you Never had this choice.

Just because others own a lot of something that is useful and you might end rewarding them by buying what they own for a marked up price is not their fault. If see that cryptos will enhance your life and give you more freedom, flexibility, and options then you will use it.

Over time assuming the price goes up because those who own a lot of this dont want to sell it to you for cheap is simply how things get distributed over time. You are actually free to go make your own coin if you dont want to use theirs.

Do you have a better suggestion?
@aakeelr, Also, if you bought something low and sold it for high, this is smart. When an investment does well, the smart thing is to DIVEST. If you were the one who bought high because u were short sighted, who's fault is that?

Your precious "FIAT" is ran by fewer members of a "monopoly" than crypto assets. FIAT is not even an "asset." FIAT is generated OUT OF THIN AIR by a PRIVATE company who charges citizens of countries INTEREST on the FIAT they created OUT OF THIN AIR. This continued creation of FIAT OUT OF THIN AIR has INFLATED the number of FIAT in circulation to a point that the VALUE of this WORTHLESS PAPER is $0.0247 of it's FACE VALUE. This INFLATION is COMPOUNDED every month; diminishing its value away at a rate so fast that incomes made by citizens cannot keep up with its devaluation. Mom's cannot even stay home to be mothers to their children and teach them genuine capitalism is far superior over an atopic socialism.

You would prefer we become serfs to privileged few of bank owners acting as so-called "elites" who charge us interest on a so-called "currency" they create out of thin air. You would have us remain imprisoned in a failing CENTRALIZED "system" who can create unlimited quantities of worthless so-called "currency" they've created to enslave you while enriching themselves and robbing you of assets you have accumulated with their worthless so-called "currency."

So damn what we have a few number of people who own a lot of crypto. They will eventually need to spend that crypto. Their hoarding of a decentralized asset only adds to the scarcity of the asset; thereby increasing its value while reducing the supply on exchanges to contend with an ever increasing demand. Even if they decide to DUMP their supply onto an ever increasing demand, those who accumulate this supply via their demand are taking their purchase off exchanges to HODL for themselves to create a better future for themselves and their loved ones. You can only do this with a true decentralized asset that cannot be created out of thin air like a centralized debt note conjured up by a private company (Central Bank) who's out to rob you of every asset you've accumulated.

It sounds like to me you are simply COVETING those who have a lot and venting your frustration on those of us who aspire to accumulate an asset that cannot be created out of thin air by a few number of people. Instead, you should be accumulating decentralized assets while they are still cheap to escape the centralized system created by a few to enslave you and rob you of your hopes and dreams.
@aakeelr, The rich also own a lot of gold, silver and land. Don't you think you should also buy as much of this as you possibly can JUST AS THE RICH ARE DOING in an effort to protect yourself from a failing FIAT system designed to rob you and enslave you? Oh, that's right, according to your so-called logic; this gold, silver, land, etc... controlled by a few number of people and therefore will never amount to becoming anything of serious value.

Your logic is flawed and your attitude sounds more like you are envious of those of us who seek to accumulate TRUE ASSETS like the rich, banks and governments are doing in an effort to hedge against a FAILING FIAT SYSTEM designed to rob and control governments and its citizens.
aakeelr ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Well think of it as a collective 1000 coins producing the same decentralized mechanism and faster tx lower fees alongside many features. The competition is way too much. The reason btc has a value is because one can trade alt coins with it. If there were multiple pairs providing multiple trade options to a notional trader am pretty sure the value proposition would be different. You are seeing what you are being made to see from day 1. This design of the digital era has been so perfect that the reactions to a tune played was also predicted the day the design was created. If you talk about several fiat devaluation models consider the same thing happening with multiple btc forks alongside taking the sheen away from a robust design in first place. Forking and adamant code structural btc core team (having discrepancies in decision making aka segwit and lightning) is another flaw to this system not forgetting the mining cartel that belongs to china. Then you have the tether printing machine that goes on and on printing USDT fooling you, me and everyone by networking it across multiple exchanges and pumping the price up to unsustainable heights is also a defeat to the current value proposition. The greed of human will eventually mess this up so badly that we will only be the carriers of a huge bubble in the making. Don't get me wrong, I still love the idea but what I don't like is the current system that is playing this trade and making us believe like a bigger fool

I stopped reading your crap. I don't have to read a damn thing. Your opinion is flawed; as pointed out in my statement you're responding to.

Bitcoin is more scarce than gold and/or silver and if calculated per capita as to how many people possess precious metals versus those who don't is similar to crypto.

Your argument is it will fail because so few people control it. I showed the flaw in your opinion based on so few who accumulate precious metals like the rich are doing.

End of discussion.
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