Reverse Capitulation - The Path to 58k

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
There are lots of people who have been waiting for a buying opportunity all month but have yet to be presented with one. Smart investing tells us to let the market come to us. However make no mistake, the market makers know exactly what they're doing and it is very much psychological. The low volume pump has left a lot of people sidelined and they know that these bench warmers DO NOT want to miss the "golden bull run". IMO, the price will keep pumping until the potential buyers waiting in the wings finally give up and fomo in via reverse capitulation. Generally a spike in volume is bullish . However in this particular scenario (which is not financial advice yada yada)...a volume spike would be a huge sell signal that the top is in and a corrective dip is near. My absolute bottom target for a correction would be 47k . After that, my bags are packed until December.