BTC will not give you another chance!

BTC is likely set to surprise yet again. In the same way that people missed the 69k top calling unrealistic numbers like 100k and even 250k, they will miss the bottom, 15.5k by waiting for 12k. The cause of both mistakes is the same force, greed. There is really little difference between 12k to 16,17 or even 20k when considering percentage. The majority of the drop from the ATH has already occurred and the risk of not being in BTC to wait for another drop to 12k or 10k to prove your point is a weak approach to investing.

Even if you really think 10k is going to be the bottom, you should at least have already added some to your position at around 16.5k just for the sake of the possibility of you being wrong, which exists, for all of us. BTC is clearly slowly diminishing its volatility and it is more reasonable to think that the drop won't be as big as previous ones. Bears are in a very difficult position right now as the majority of indicators are signalling a new bull run around the corner. What will you do? Wait for 12k? Buy at 22k? Buy at 26k? If next week we jump to 30k, is it a retracement? Is it not? If we go back down all the way to 17k and then back up to 25k? Hard questions to answer. The point is, whoever bought at 15.5k-18k are the one with the advantage now, if drops below 17k they won't feel as much and can add more and if it goes up even better.

Your favourite crypto YouTuber is not a trader, they are just YouTubers.


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