APPL - 4 hour, Head and Shoulders

As a more of a crypto analysist I do invest in stocks too.

In the chart you will see a mediocre head and shoulders formation which is clear sign of bearish price movement.
The head of the formation is 10.25% meaning the price can continue and hit the marked target of around 114 per share.

There are two scenarios;
The first one is to retest the sharp angle and reach the target. Retest zone is at the braekpoint of the formation.
The second is that we can see a rebound to the breakpoint once again and therefore the price will continue in upward slow trend.

Personally and realisticaly the price will continue to drop to target even after retest, the head and shoulders formation is powerful and traders and investor understand it.

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Dear, to be a head and shoulder, the neck line should touch the lowest points, in this case it does not, even if the shoulders are not even.
Kind regards.