Basic Understanding of HOW to use Godmode. Pasted in comments...

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
18402 26
...for easier reading of the Text Bubble.

MAKE SURE when you add Godmode indicator to a chart that you change the inputs from 9, 26, 13 -to- 9, 6, 3.

ALSO, click the "add" (+) symbol in the top left corner inside the box of Godmode to add LSMA to Godmode. Then click the wheel of LSMA and change its input from 25 to 32.


Here is the copy and paste of the chart in the title of the publication for easier reading:

I'm not sure if this will work but lets see.

Here is a link to my actual chart that one can COPY to make their own. I'm not sure if Godmode with the input settings I customized it to will be included when you copy it. I guess we will find out.

Comment: One can click the "share" box at the bottom right just below the cover chart and choose "make it my own" to get the chart as well.
Comment: You might have to have a PRO account to use Godmode. I'm not sure. I suppose we are about to find out.
Comment: If you still don't know where the "share" button is located, it's to the left of the "thumbs up" button is located just below the cover chart for this idea.
Comment: Important rule for FX traders with Godmode when swing trading in 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m, 20m and 30m TF's WITH 10m TF AS YOUR COMPASS:

DO NOT USE MARGIN AT ALL when swing trading in lower TF's I mentioned above. You will lose more than you will win. Probably because of the fees. At least I don't use margin anymore in that low of TF's.
Comment: If you have questions, simply ask... I'll try to answer when I'm free to do so. I have a lot on my plate in regards to upgrading my mining room and I'm preparing a new job aid for a new meter that just came out. I use the Job Aid in my technical training for telephone technicians. I'll be back in the game IN FULL by mid June .
Comment: No disrespect intended. I just want to point out that IF you have a question about using Godmode, I prefer you ask the question HERE so others can see the questions and there answer and learn from this publication.

Please feel free to ask questions.

However, let me also say I HAVE BEEN UP ALL NIGHT. It is now 9:47am at this writing and I'm sleepy. Very sleepy. I may be up about another hour at the most before getting some shut eye. If you ask a question and I haven't answered, please be patient. I have odd hours at times.
Comment: The previous comment was in regards to PM's. I'm trying to avoid answering the same questions over and over again in PM's. I would prefer the questions be asked here, please.


Comment: As I've told others in PM's...

It's VERY important to use MANY TF's. What do I mean?

For example... Let's say you are using the 4h TF as your compass for your trades...

I would use lower TF's (5m, 10m, 20m, 30m, 60m, 90m, 120m) to get a good idea for a more precise entry and/or exit.

However, it's EXTREMELY important to ALSO look at your higher TF's (6h, 8h, 12h, 18h, Daily, 2 Day, 3 Day, 5 Day and Weekly) to get a good idea of WHERE we are going.
Comment: It's also good to know the CURRENT trend...

For example, how do we know we are in a bull trend? We know when we see our upward price movement is larger than our downward moves WHILE the over all trend is still moving UPWARD.

How do we know when we are in a bear trend? We know when we see our downward price movement is larger moves than our upward movements WHILE the over all trend is still moving downward.

So, know the TREND is ONE important aspect. WHY? I'll give an example shortly...
Comment: Note what I have circled in the chart? This is two examples of a BULL TREND. You see our price movement when going up IS LARGER than our price movement when we have brief consolidation or downward moves WHILE THE OVER ALL TREND IS UPWARD.

Comment: We are currently in a bull trend...

Let me give another reason why it's important to know the trend after I have already given an example of a bull trend. That's coming up shortly.
Comment: Posting this HIGH TF multi-chart first:

Comment: I'll get back to that HIGH TF multi-chart shortly. First look at this LOW TF multi-chart:

You will see the lowest TF I have in the top left hand corner is 3m (3 minute) TF...

The 3m TF allows us to make a more precise EXIT with the YELLOW line and a more precise ENTRY on the BLUE line.

We would have used the 10m TF to anticipate the dip that was coming. HOW? Note how high the green, red and black lines were (above 80%) in the 10m TF? When they are all this high, this is a good indication we may POSSIBLY be spent (exhausted) on this current upward move and it's about to come down soon.

That is WHEN you would have went to a lower TF (3m) to know more precisely of WHEN we were about to take this dip down.

Comment: Also note I placed the yellow line in the 10m, 30m and 60m TF's BASED OFF WHERE THE YELLOW LINE was located in the 3m TF.

For those of you who don't know this: If you are using a multi-chart like I have here, you can move your crosshair in one of the many charts and you will SEE where it's located in the other TF's on the multi-chart.

So, when I moved the crosshair on the 3m TF to where the red line touched the green line that was moving downward, the crosshair in all the other TF's were marked with yellow lines on the same timeline. You can tell by the other TF's you would not have been able to be more precise on that EXIT on the YELLOW line in the higher TF's like we could have done in this LOWER 3m TF.
Comment: I can tell now that I may have to make YouTube videos on how to use this rather than having it all in text in ideas on TV. Time will tell.
Comment: I did not bother putting a yellow exit line and a blue entry line on the 120m and 240m TF's because they would both be on the same candle.
Comment: I had someone send a PM asking me if we were about to move downward based on the red line touching the green line while the green line is moving downward in the 4h TF. I had a look and said, YES.

He then asked, How much down do you think it will go?

I said, "I don't believe it will go down much." WHY? Because we appeared to be in a BULL trend. Meaning, our downward moves will not be as significant as our upward moves have been in our bull trend with the price trending up for the most part.

I've placed a fat red arrow underneath the 4h candle I'm referring to when he asked that question. You will see it here:

Also, let me say this... The green line was angled more downward at the time than what you see NOW. I know, you may be wondering how is that? The red, green and/or black lines can change in these higher TF's in real time while you are watching them BASED OFF what is occurring in lower TF's. I assure you, the green line WAS ANGELD MORE DOWNWARD than what you see currently. One might have thought we were going to have a reversal and about to go downward but we did not have a reversal.


I will explain that by going back to the HIGH TF multi-chart shortly.
Comment: At the time, the 360m (6h), 720m (12h) and Daily TF's were all showing more upside.


The green line was still going up with no sign of turning downward at the time to have a chance of touching the red while it is moving downward. Note all of those TF's I just mentioned (360m, 720m and Daily): But remember, this was a while ago and the green, red and black lines were not quite as high as they are now. But still, I believe what you see now will get the point across.

Comment: Disregard that red arrow in the 360m (6h) TF. That was there from when I had it on the 4h TF.
Comment: So, I believe you may see now it's not only important to look at the lower TF's than the 4h to make more precise entry and exit.

It's also important to pay attention to the higher TF's so you don't panic and sell too early OR enter too early.
Comment: Now, I'm going to try to get some sleep. My apologies if you post a question and I don't get to it immediately. As I will be away for a while.

PS - If you are unsure at first or doubtful of your abilities to do what I'm instructing here, try trading with play money by writing down WHEN you would have made entry or exit and at what price. This way you avoid unnecessary risks you may not be ready to take.

Happy trading.
Comment: Also, if you find it's not working for you, it may be "User Error." Meaning, you may not have the inputs set right in Godmode. You may not have followed some of the rules I pointed out in the initial cover chart in the Text Bubble, etc... If you find it difficult and wonder what you may be doing wrong, tell me your concerns or ask questions and we'll see if we can figure out what you may be doing or not doing to prevent you from succeeding.

Comment: Also, bear in mind that Godmode is NOT going to tell you if and/or when you have a whale come along and all of a sudden dump 1,000 bitcoin on you while everything was showing a strong move upward. Godmode, with these inputs and rules I've laid out will be correct 90+ percent of the time in ANY Time Frame except for unusual circumstances. Such as a whale dumping 1,000 BTC all of a sudden.
Comment: I still have more things to share that I will share later.

Good day,

Comment: I just wanted everyone to see that January and June are "typically" dump months in Bitcoin except for one exception I have pointed out in the 2 Day TF below:

Comment: By the way, the months of May and September are "typically" Spring and/or Up Thrust Months for Bitcoin. This is normal. We are simply warming up for the month of May.
Comment: I will be VERY busy till Friday building Telephone Technician Training Boards.

Saturday and Sunday, I will get back to my Mining Room Project to keep the rigs cool this summer.

I'm driving down to Foley, Alabama to teach telephone technicians how to use their meter to identify and locate troubles from Tuesday till Friday. I leave the day before (Monday) to set up my training equipment.

I will come back home the following Friday night to continue more work on my Mining Room Project till Monday . This will continue for the entire month of May.

I will log on to Trading View most every evening at the hotel in Foley, Alabama but only for a short time each evening. I have to evaluate a new meter CenturyLink has purchased during the evening time to put together a Job Aid for it just like the Job Aid I have created for their old meter they have used since 2007.

I will be able to get back to full time trading some time around the first of second week of June. I will get back to posting 2 to 10 publications every other day and keeping them updated with progress notes more frequently once this VERY busy period of mine is over with.

Happy Trading,

Comment: For those not familiar with my mining room at it's previous condition: http://imgur.com/a/95Yfr

Here is the project I'm working on in the mining room. It's basically going to be WALLS OF FANS that are sealed much better to make it impossible for heat to get sucked out around the sides, tops and bottoms of the fans to avoid a "convection oven" affect: http://imgur.com/a/hNXtl


Comment: An update before I go to sleep soon.

Comment: Only pay attention to the text bubble in the bottom left 10m TF chart and the 3m TF chart top left:
Comment: Since we are in Bull Mode, don't expect the downward moves to be as impressive as the upward moves. However, we could very well see more sideways swing action between $1,280 and $1,310 before continuing any kind of serious upward Swing and/or Up Thrust. I would prefer to see us make it up to the $1,330 range and remain above that price point to rule out any further consolidation/distribution of capital for alt coins.
Comment: It's possible we may see price action similar to the following in this 10m TF:

Comment: Also, we have a "W" in this 10m TF. We should know probably within the next 30 to 240 minutes if this "W" will play out or if we continue in this swing trading setup.

Comment: I just got home from doing more work on training boards at my Dad's house. I was curious how things played out with what I posted in the wee hours of the morning. It looks like a little of both played out ( The "W" and the "waves."

Comment: I'm going to sleep early tonight. I'm wore out. So, you won't see me around in the troll box and no updates the remainder of the evening.

Happy Trading Everyone!

Comment: I've been in Foley, Alabama all this week training telephone technicians. I'm heading back to Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow afternoon after class to wash clothes for another week in Foley. I believe my wife and son will also come down to Foley with me next week.

I will continue to be out of the loop until probably mid June. I'm looking forward to getting back into it once this training is over with.

Cheers and Happy Trading!


IF DOTS occur ABOVE 80%:

First off, if the red and green lines are at or above 80%, this means there had to be an upward move to get to 80% or higher. IF dots begin to appear at 80% or higher, this simply means the upward move is running into resistance.

Does it mean it will not overcome that resistance and move to the downside? No, bulls can overcome downward resistance and keep pushing the market upward. IF the bulls do overcome resistance, it can make a LOT of dots appear during a serious upward bull move while also keep red and green lines above the 80% mark for the most part.


First off, if dots appear at 20% or lower, there was obviously a downward move to get the red and green lines at or below 20%. When dots appear while at 20% or lower, this implies there is "support pressure" from underneath trying to push it back up.

Does support pressure from underneath imply IT WILL move to the upside now? Certainly not. The dots only signify it appears to be "finding" support BUT it does not mean the support is actually there yet IN THE Time Frame (TF) you're currently in.

IF any further questions about DOTS, feel free to ask or comment.

Comment: I mentioned something else in my Private chat group that I should probably mention here.

"IF" you work all day and don't have all day in front of the charts like I do most of the time, you may want to consider using the 360m (6h) TF as your compass for entry and exit.

Possibly the 240m (4h) as well.
Comment: Important Update:

A gentleman was kind enough to tell me my Ghost Line I refer to is a Stochastic Oscillator. I've mentioned before in my private chat the Ghost is more like "Velocity/Momentum." It appears this is so after he explained what it is to me.

In technical analysis of securities trading, the stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator that uses support and resistance levels. Dr. George Lane developed this indicator in the late 1950s. The term stochastic refers to the point of a current price in relation to its price range over a period of time. This method attempts to predict price turning points by comparing the closing price of a security to its price range.
Comment: I've also mentioned a few times in private chat when a green line and/or ghost line 80% or higher can mean it's "possibly" reaching exhaustion to the upside and it's near reversal to the downside.

If the green line and/or ghost line is 20% or lower, it can be an indication of a current downside trajectory approaching exhaustion to the downside and is about to "potentially" reverse to the upside soon.
Comment: I'm not going back through this "publication" to see if I posted the following. If so, then it's simply a "reminder" once again.

After reading rules within this publication on Godmode it is recommended to do the following:

For whatever pair you choose to setup Godmode for, I want you to change the TF (Time Frame) to One Minute TF. Yes, you heard me... ONE MINUTE TIME FRAME.

This will allow you to see the rules I mentioned come to fruition in REAL TIME to get "experience" watching the rules play out.

Pay close attention to when the green line or "ghost" line is reaching 80% or higher OR 20% or lower. Especially, the Ghost line. Why? Cause it reveals the "velocity" or "momentum" of the current move. This way, you're able to get a better idea of when a pump or dump is near or approaching "exhaustion."

If any other questions, feel free to ask. I only ask you watch the One Minute TF for a while first before asking questions; if any.


Comment: Once you have watched the one minute and even the two minute TF , you will apply those same rules to "higher" TF"s.
Comment: Sorry if everyone is getting a lot of "notifications" from me when I post updates. Notification settings can be edited at any time.

I can't stress enough HOW IMPORTANT it is to make sure the inputs on Godmode are correct and the input for the LSMA you ad WITHIN Godmode is sett correctly as I instructed earlier in this publication. If you need help, send PM.
Comment: I'm rather sick at the moment with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Caught my sons cold he just got over with. Can't sleep and got to thinking...

Those new to Godmode I have a thought for faster learning. However, this will require a minimum of two charts . The more charts the better for faster learning.

This is just a thought I have in mind to see how it works for faster understanding. However, I do not recommend WHATSOEVER to make any trades during this process. You can on paper (play money - not a REAL trade).

I'm going to make my statements as if you have 4 charts up and running. These are the 4 charts with the time frames I want for "learning." I want you to watch those 4 Time frames for a while for FASTER learning. I will elaborate WHY in the next comment.

1m and 2m

3m and 4m
Comment: 10m and 20m

30m and 40m

I assure you, what you learn in the 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m will BE NO DIFFERENT when applying to the 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m TF's. I assure you it won't be any difference except for one: the 10, 20, 30 & 40 are simply at a higher scale.
Comment: DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF to go to what I call "common" TF's UNLESS you have everything the same as the way you're learning. So what it's unorthodox if you chose a 40m TF. If it helps you become a better trader, so what... ;-)

You can do the same thing with the 1h, 2h, 3h & 4h, OR 2h, 6h, 8h, 10h, ETC...

The important thing is to keep it on the same scale as what you learned in the lower TF's.
Comment: The rule will be:

Whatever your lowest TF is you have chosen, make sure you go up in THAT TF increment for each chart you go up in Time. I believe you know what I mean.

If you chose the Daily as your lowest TF, then go up only One Day for each additional TF higher on all 4 charts.

I'll point out how learning it this way can be helpful later on. I don't want too many email notifications going out irritating people. This will be enough for today. Watch the 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m TF's for quite a while. Make sure to pay attention to the Ghost Line and the Green line in particular; AS THEY HAVE MORE MOVEMENT than the red line and LSMA line.
Comment: The reasons for my posts today is this:

Use higher TF's to "know" where we're going AND our progress.

Use lower TF's for more accurate entry and exit points.
Comment: If you try to learn this with the 30m or 1h as your lower TF, you're going to have to wait a LONGGGGGGG time for movement. Which means, you're going to have to wait a LONGGGGGGGG time to learn...

Make sense? ;-)
Comment: The Phoenix Indicator is similar to a public indicator called, "Godmode 3.1 mod with LSMA - LTCUSD." Ignore the fact it says, "LTCUSD." The only time LTC would come into play is if you clicked "Multi-Exchange" in the "input" section of formatting. The code shows you what exchanges it uses for LTCUSD if you were to click "multi-exchange." As long as you do NOT click "multi-exchange," you'll be fine using it for ANYTHING (Crypto, stocks, commodities, FOREX, etc...). You must have a PRO account to use "Godmode 3.1 mod with LSMA."

When I first began using the Godmode, its "inputs" were not to my liking. A friend of mine and myself began playing around with the inputs looking for patterns. We both determined the inputs of 9, 6 and 3 were the best inputs to use. Especially, for day trading. I created a publication for Godmode and provided instructions on how to change the inputs from default of 9, 26 and 13 to 9, 6 and 3. That publication was a ROUGH DRAFT with the intent of trying to get others quickly up to speed on what I was learning while using it. After approximately a year of using Godmode, someone created "Godmode 3.1 mod with LSMA - LTCUSD," which had the same inputs as I suggested and they also added the LSMA (Liquid Square Moving Average and changed the input to 32 as I suggested). So, if you were to study the ROUGH DRAFT I created to obtain a BASIC knowledge of HOW to use Godmode, you should SKIP the part in the beginning with instructions on how to set the inputs and add the LSMA as suggested. It's ready to use per my recommendations without editing anything in formatting. I will include a link to that ROUGH DRAFT below.

Phoenix 1.118 was the beginning stage towards making Godmode better and adding more indicators to it. There is very little difference between Godmode 3.1 mod with LSMA and Phoenix 1.118. I have plans to offer Phoenix 1.393 and Phoenix ARI 1.07 to the public in the near future. But ONLY to those who subscribe to the website of professional traders I'm working with in the near future. Those indicators will be provided on Trading View to those subscribers on a PERMISSION basis without access to the actual code for the indicators.

Appreciate the follow and thanks for the "thumbs up." A thumbs up is always appreciated if I deserve it.

If you click this chart below, it will take you to the ROUGH DRAFT I created; which is more or less a documentation of what I was learning as I played around with Godmode in its 2nd rendition with the inputs I suggested.

Thanks again for the kind comments and follow! Enjoy...

REMEMBER, this is NOT organized at all. Simply a rough draft:
Comment: I'm carrying this post from BTCUSD over to here because I feel it should be here:

Some argue we are going down to $3,000 based off what they are seeing in the Monthly time frame (TF) with the Blue LSMA in the top indicator still having a LOT of room to come down AND with the Phoenix ARI still have room to come down to meet the Stochastic RSI at the bottom. Which see:

HOWEVER, my argument is to inform others who use the indicators I recommend that the Blue LSMA in the Monthly time frame DOES NOT have to come down to the 20% or lower level before a reversal will occur. WHEN we get into Time Frames that are much higher than the 2-Week TF, the likely-hood of the Blue LSMA coming all the way down from 80% or higher level to 20% or lower level diminishes. It would take a SERIOUS bear market for the Blue LSMA to fall that much in the Monthly TF.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about with EURUSD Monthly TF. Pay attention to the level the Blue LSMA comes down to in the Monthly TF. Yes, it comes all the way down to 20% or lower level on occasions but not all the time.

Bitcoin/USD does not have enough history to have a better idea as to whether or not the Blue LSMA will actually come down to the 20% level or lower. One could go to the 2-Month TF in EURUSD to get a better idea if the Blue LSMA in the 1-Month was going to go all the way down to 20% or lower level.

Here's the 1-Month EURUSD pair:

Comment: I deleted the Phoenix ARI 1.07 and kept the Stochastic RSI. I did go to "INPUTS" for Stochastic RSI in the "FORMATTING" and turned off the "background." I also changed the default colors. I changed Blue line to Black and changed the Red line to Purple. I also used the slide bar for those colors to make the black and purple lines MAXIMUM thickness. I also changed color fo the 80% and 20% lines from gray to black and made them THICKER.

THEN, I "merged" Stochastic RSI with Godmode 3.1 mod with LSMA. This may look to busy for some people by having them merged together. It's not too busy to me. I simply wanted to show you an "alternative." Here's how it looks below:

IMPORTANT (for those new to Godmode):

DO NOT get greedy and use this combination of indicators in LOW time frames. DON'T DO IT...
Use much higher TF's in the beginning to gain confidence and LEARN how to control emotions through PATIENCE in the higher time frames. This experience with emotions will be valuable when you have slowly built up your capital and attempt to use this combination of indicators in lower time frames.

If and/or when you move to lower time frames, MAKE FOR CERTAIN the LIQUIDITY and VOLATILITY is there to make it worth your while. ESPECIALLY, if you're trading low time frames on margin. If the volatility is not there on low time frames with margin, YOU WILL LIKELY LOSE. I know from experience. So, learn from my mistakes.

PLEASE, stick with higher time frames for now.

If you decide to use this with FOREX, please obey the same rule at first: Stick to HIGH time frames. If you do stick to high time frames with MULTIPLE PAIRS, you will be less stressed out because; 1) You're using very high time frames and do not feel pressured to perform analysis between moves. Especially, with multiple pairs. 2) You will have plenty of spare time to go about your normal every day routine, full time work, full time parenting of a child, etc... and no pressure to feel like you have to labor over a computer everyday looking tirelessly at charts. That's IF you're using the 1-Month time frame I've provided as an example in the previous post.
Thanks for the hard work and clarification. It very much appreciated. TY
+1 Reply
@keifer, You're very welcome... Thanks for you patiently taking the time to read and LEARN. Gave you an "invite" to use three of the indicators I use in my TA. You may have to refresh your browser to see the indicators in your "Invite-Only Scripts."

Follow this video to setup Phoenix 1.391, titled, "Better Way to Setup Phoneix 1.391."

Follow this video (below) for setup of Phoenix 1.118 (Godmode with LSMA) and Phoenix Ari, titled, ""New to Technical Analysis??? WATCH THIS... CHART SETUP..."

Follow this video (below) for setting up alarms WITHIN the indicators, titled, "How to Set Alarms for Your Indicators."

keifer WyckoffMode
@WyckoffMode, Right on man! Thanks again for sharing!
@WyckoffMode, I understand the LSMA can be seen as a weaker MACD and the RSX is just a smoothed RSI. What exactly do the red/green lines represent? Buy/sess pressure? momentum? volume?
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z335h z335h
@xSilas, maybe you can help?
@z335h, I believe the red and green lines are EMA's with different inputs (values) of course. Not for certain on this but I believe they are.
Thanks, for me as a beginner it helps a lot, one question though, what other indicators are merged with lsma one ? green, red and grey.
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@georgygv, I'm not sure. In order to find that out you will have to ask one of the co-creaters of Godmode here:
WyckoffMode WyckoffMode
@WyckoffMode, I use it differently that he does. He also uses the default inputs. I personally believe my way is a better way. No disrespect. Just my opinion.
XYIT WyckoffMode
@WyckoffMode, just skimmed through your post, mind giving a quick explanation on what god mode actually is?
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