52,838 and 06 cents: Coming again, the MOST important Golden Fib

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTC once again approaching this key Golden Fib.
Last touch gave a 20% drop from exactly this level.
If this push breaks past it, we should see new ATH .

Last touch was perfectly forecasted as a top (click).
This same fib series also gave the 48k to 40k short call.
And the last dip from 45k was also indicated perfectly .

Being a 618 multiple of the Genesis fib, it is KEY.
All humans/bots/indi's recorded the last reaction.
So what happens this time will be VERY telling.

I will try to post updates here as price action progresses.
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Comment: ( ( ( Ping ) ) Here we are, moment of truth

Comment: Local wave with fib in blue stripes also wants to end exactly on our Genesis level.
So break above will not be easy, but I do think it is likely.
We may well get locked into "orbit" around this fib for a while.

Comment: Wow, guess there were some stops at this line "were" being the key word :)

Comment: I have posted a near-term Outlook below (57.9k target, 61k max, 52.8k major support) :

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