RED Bitcoin Easily, Money Flow To Altcoins, 2020 Halving?

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RED Bitcoin Easily, Money Flow To Altcoins, 2020 Halving?

We can see Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) breaking below EMA50 for the first time since April but the volume is much higher now than back then... Bear volume /RED.

We can also notice a bearish cross of EMA10 and EMA50, signaling more low.

After EMA200 was tested (brown line), a bounce is normal and expected.
As soon as this bounce is done... You can expect Bitcoin to drop some more.

Altcoins Market Update

As Bitcoin drops money will flow to the Altcoins.

The trading pairs we've been looking at have been printing really strong reversals, strong candles and big growth will follow.

Expect more of this and all the altcoins in general picking up steam, sealing lows, and some hitting new highs as time goes on.

Remember, if one opportunity goes away/is missed, do not worry, do not rush...
When one opportunity is missed, many more will bloom and you will have the chance again and again to make the right call.

Always take your time before buying into any trades...
Always do your research before taking any action or risking any money.

Rushing (FOMO) is intended to collect profits but can result in loss.

Patience, on the other hand, has no intended purpose, other than being on the right mind when you make that decision on how to make your money grow!

Any questions...
Feel free to use the comments section below.

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