Pivot has been marked on one of my ideas at $37,500 as a barrier. Barrier pinpoints to below white wave. ATR TURTLE WHITE PLOT moving up but slowly. ATR stop loss at $37,500 which is where the white wave is.

I’m sticking with the white turtle plot and white wave, I’m following its course. This is long term without noise of all the drama that’s happening.
We are all in this together! NEVER FORGET THAT:)
Compare the ATR turtle white and green turtle plot wave trends on both ideas.

Smart money contraction moves up the trend as I’ve mentioned before. Moves up and down within the horizontal RED DOTTED line.
We should not judge by the minute, but let its course take place. If you pay attention to other ideas pointing ya in a different direction then it can be discouraging.
Like they always said; have 1 teacher not many.
FYI: don’t be surprised if BTC moves up within 1k to 2k plus within seconds. This is a smart money reaction, usually happens because they want to keep new traders from joining the trade. This way it keeps them back thinking there’s a pullback soon, by then it’s way above.
Those traders will have to wait for the next flight.
Can bitcoin Continue its rocket power? Will it steam higher than expected, when it has been predicted to fall. SmartMoney always goes against the odds from trader ideas.
So far things look good for BTC, SM buys are a tiny higher and sells have reduced by a bit.
Entry was at $39,993
Mates, I gotta say, the WHALES decided to plunge and still are, expecting by the size of buys for BTC to reach near +10.00% or more
BTC has surpassed smart money contraction. A contraction is what the bankers use as a form of communication.
For short term traders this is a rapid spike and BTC may dip .
This is what I meant, an unusual vertical spike caused by whales.
I have no doubt a fall is right around the corner
We may have a second round pullback. Coinbase global shows to be at a new percentage above 4% and majority of NYSE stocks are showing positive.
By 6:30 AM Pacific time we will see the results
War between smart money and the retail traders is brutal. Some call this FOMO but there is no FOMO with below’s a percentage. There are many ways to explain FOMO.
Many ideas out there still claiming for a crash which BTC for now does not read crash in my data algorithm.
Remember I stuck with you claiming many bull runs while many thought it to be over down for the fall.
I’ll say it again, I judge crypto by the hour and individual day of a calendar date because there’s always a change. I told ya 3k to 4k plunge but it’s been more. The unexpected.

Retail traders +14,798.22%
Whales +857.88%

Smart money has been trying to dip it, I’m sure they have the funds to do so but when all the fish of the sea come together, Whales will find it hard to move around.
Just like many group of sharks can destroy a killer whale but a killer whale vs the greatest shark, there’s no challenge, killer whale wins.
This is what’s happening here.
There’s about maybe up to 5 times in a whole year where the whales struggle against retail traders.

This is a special day for retail traders.
I had said 49K , now it can go higher than 49K but im still sticking to 49K

I’m now awarding to all retail traders who did their math and knew BTC wasn’t doomed.
A positive mindset victory trophy
NYSE is reaching new HH and preparing for the great monster bull phase 3 BULL MARKET in 2025
I will be developing a buy and sell signal ATR indicator soon.
Many of you have wondered why an indicator may work with an altcoin but does not with other altcoins then we disregard it thinking it’s no good.
The indicator will have its own altcoin name.
I will be making a free version and a payment one.
May take me a while to create because I want to add smart money volume to it this way it can avoid as many traps there can be.
BTC has a net revenue at $45k zone. Meaning once it dips it can range within that value but the higher it moves up the higher it’s worth.
Pretty soon short term traders will become long-term traders.

Albert Lopez

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