What will happen to Bitcoin?


Loneliness is a normal state of life.

People are lonely sometimes, but loneliness is also a kind of joy, which can heal yourself.

I like the time alone, like to enjoy the solitude quietly. I like to stand on the bridge in the evening, watch the water and the sky form a picture, and close my eyes to listen to the wind. I live so alone, but there are many small good things.

Floating with the waves in the noisy and restless sea of people, it is easy to lose yourself and be at a loss after a long time.

At this time, even a moment of tranquility is a treat and comfort to the soul.

An occasional glance, a piece of sunset glow, a pool of starlight, a setting sun, a ray of light and shadow can all arouse the poetic person in the heart, which is romantic and happy.

When alone, one's heart will be very peaceful. Why not enjoy a moment of loneliness, get rid of the hustle and bustle of the world for a while, be in a daze quietly or enjoy the beautiful scenery, as long as you are "quiet".

Bitcoin fell as scheduled yesterday, and the short-term trend has not yet ended. There is a high probability that there will be a new low today. However, since it is close to the lower support area, it is considered to be bullish again after waiting for it to be in place. Bitcoin operation recommends buying at 28300, risk control at 27700, and target at 29700~30400.

The bardo of Bitcoin has appeared, but the overall upward trend has not changed. The bulls may bottom out today. The upper pressure is 29,700~30,400, and the lower support is 28,300~26,700.

Traders, if you like this idea or have your own opinion about it, please write in the comments. I will be happy 👩‍💻

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