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I'm introducing the concept of breakers today with my finally released indicators. I wanted to have my proved working strategy hard coded into something easier to use for me. Before that I had to switch between timeframes all the time between scalps which ISNT convenient at all for precision trading.

The use is simple, a breaker has 90%+ chance to be hit in the next 5 candles of the timeframe's breaker. Which makes it fucking insane to scalp with because you are almost guaranteed a 90% profit and otherwise you'll always be able to out break even or in a small loss.

Lets take these 2 examples:
1) We have a 1h breaker popping. We wait to get a sufficient % between price and breaker to be profitable if we go in and out at market (exchanges will take fees so you have to take that into account), in this case you wait 2%+ and you get an easy 20%+ profit at 10x or 30% profit if you get the bottom. You can combine this with bullish divergence on the BF Trend to get even more precise in your buy spot!

2)We have a 4h breaker popping. Same thing as example 1!

WARNING: You have to take into account something important -> A breaker can take up to 5 breaker's timeframe candles to be hit!
Which means : if a 1h breaker pops it can take up to 5 hours to be hit so price could dip a bit more before actually hit the breaker

I don't consider the 30D and 7D breakers because even if we backtested it they can take VERY LONG TIME to get hit. So price can fluctuate A LOT before hitting it!

The indicators are FREE to use! They will be under subscription in a few months when I consider it FINISHED!
the context and trend will be subject of other educational ATs

tbh the breakers are fucking OP just try it out you won't be disappointed
it WORKS on EVERY crypto markets!

for invitation DM me on TV!
Ill make a VIDEO on how to use them end of the week

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A bientot ;)

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