Alright so here is an example of how BF breakers behave on an altcoin.
The strategy is as follows : Buy if the price is at least 1/1.5% under the breaker and TP around the breaker.
Yes its as simple as that tbh!
Things to note :
  • a breaker of bigger time frame takes a longer time to be hit, therefore if you see a 4H or even 1H appearing on your chart keep in mind that they could take longer time to be hit. To be precise in this situations, wait for a bullish divergence or another breaker in a lower timeframe to get in!
  • if a low timeframe breaker appears (5/15mn) on a breakout of a pattern, be careful when you get in, wait for a higher time frame breaker as it can go pretty high before hitting the low time frames breaker!

The breaker's algorithm is backed by mathematics, so you have roughly 90% hit rate of the breakers!

Just comment your TV username for invitations on the indicators, its FREE!
enjoy! It works even on legacy markets

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A bientot ;)