Enjoy my Bitcoin Chart & its Bearish Forecast

Those who know my work will recognize that my chart has taken this essential form for over 18 months, with only minor refinements. Hopefully you will challenge my forecast with your tough questions and counter-arguments. After all, this venue exists to arouse the reverse-engineers and to provoke the thinkers to do what we do best, right?

As always, I strive to render these ideas of mine so obviously that their explanation will require no words, and this forecast is no exception.

My trading tactics - including the beauty of Tradingview and how it makes me look good - are based on identifying the opportunities within VOLUME, VOLATILITY and TREND EXHAUSTION.

There are too many details here to discuss, which I will save for future, more detailed posts. For now, you may concentrate on the downside targets and how the price action interacts with the implied forecast as we move forward through time.

On a practical level, this chart is meant to be traded on the 15 minute chart and below, all the way down to 1 second. Whereas the big picture imparts a sense of directional bias, the hyper-granularity of the many intersecting color-coded diagonals reveals precise targets on the lowest time frames suitable for daily scalping in the futures markets.

Speaking of the future, until then, be liquid !!!

Adrian Dyer,
Chief Strategist and Impresario at The Leading Indicator