Bitcoin: Double Bottom Off Major Support Points To 12Ks?

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A high degree of randomness. That is the best description for the Bitcoin price action in recent days. The real question is can you see through it OR are you distracted further by things like small time frames and over reactive chartists continuously making unrealistic claims? Filtering out the noise has everything to do with arriving at YOUR OWN conclusions and that does NOT come from chasing action, especially ideas proliferating around the internet. In this analysis, I will explain the elements that we use to construct our perspective and shape our trade ideas. It begins with LESS IS MORE.

We are still maintaining a swing trade long from 10,150. It is against us, but our stop has not been reached. And current price action may be setting up for yet another buy signal. During the retrace from 11K to 9350, we maintained our position and stuck to our plan. We don't chase every trade, we don't short, and we don't over complicate anything. Sure we have missed some moves, but our performance since January has been stable and CONSISTENT and showing a return of around 10%.

I must repeat this often because traders are so distracted by frivolous information: LESS IS MORE. Elliott Wave provides a road map, geometric proportions provide locations, and candle sticks provide confirmations. Developing your OWN perspective does NOT require much more.

Based on these tools, Bitcoin continues to fluctuate within a broad Wave 2 corrective sequence. Within this sequence, certain geometric proportions are going to carry some weight. The 9750 support region is ONE such area. I use the word region because price can fluctuate wildly around the precise level. And so far it is not only staying near the general area, it is also in the process of developing a broader double bottom formation. Within that, an inside bar is forming which can lead to a new buy signal.

The 9750 Region is a proportion to the entire previous impulse structure originating from the 3150 low. To us that means the general area is a HIGH PROBABILITY BULLISH REVERSAL ZONE. That means two things: SHORTS are extremely risky in this area, NO MATTER what your 1 HR chart says, or your 1 HR chart guru. Small time frames are notorious for blinding you from the bigger picture. Secondly, reversal formations followed by a buy signal have GREATER POTENTIAL. Our targets are place strategically within the 11 to 12K resistance area .

In summary, the fact that Bitcoin is slow to make any real bearish progress is a sign of strength that is not obvious to the typical trader or investor. Bearish progress means taking out MAJOR supports and closing decisively below them. 9750 was compromised, BUT price is now lingering around 9500 which is NOT significantly lower. A close below 9K is what will increase the chances of a more bearish scenario playing out.

If you find yourself confused, most likely its because you are lacking perspective. The process begins on the larger time frames, not smaller. And without a framework to compare against, you will have hard time generating your own ideas. Many think market timing can be learned by trial and error intuitively, or by simply observing others charts. Sure you can take that route, but prepared for at least a decade long learning curve (to achieve basic proficiency).

Or you can take the route of professional development and begin learning something like Elliott Wave . It is a starting point, a proven framework, a way to organize your analytical process, NOT a precise solution. Those looking for perfection and precision are looking in the WRONG place. Over the short term, SENTIMENT is the most powerful driver of ALL financial markets and it is usually messy and imperfect.

Generating a consistent return is NOT about having the best pattern or signal. It is all about weighing probabilities, WAITING for the market to align and PROTECTING capital when the market doesn't agree.
This is the chart that we shared on Sunday with our followers. The buy trigger was 9685. This is an alternate trade to the other swing trade that we are managing from 10,150. As you can see our targets are proportional and within reason.

The 9750 support has proven itself so far. Many do not realize, this is NOT a game of precision or absolute indicators. It is about evaluating sentiment and that can be done through observing price behavior around levels, and confirming with candle sticks.

My objective here is to provide some PERSPECTIVE on where we think the market is going using some technical examples. Following others will NOT provide any long term value. Ideas must come from within. If you don't find my perspective of any use, there are many alternatives to evaluate within this community. I appreciate all the criticism, but at least provide concrete chart examples that can provide value for the rest of the community members to learn something from.
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I followed you last year 2018 around this time for good advice, but since then I have just realized you are just wrong almost all the time. Realized that anyone can pretty much run a crypto fund because your 10% is pathetic in this market and your entries are wrong and your making fun of all the sub $6k callers in October turned straight against you during November when we got that fat dump. Pretty much you know nothing just talk smart and I come here to laugh at your laughable trades. If i had listened to you, i'd be broke and indeed in the beginning i lost a little listening to you but I quit listening to another fool on trading view shortly after.
+6 Reply
VickzinBK cashonly
@cashonly, I'm sorry, but I have to point out your reply is horrible and clearly pointless in this scenerio, you my friend are a troll and I highly doubt trolls should be investing in crypto. Heck if there were ess people like you I'm sure btc wouldn't have experienced this 30% drop caused by little kittys like you greedly excelerating btc price hikes and then fearfully exiting the market and putting shorts in the worst scenereos possible during what looks like a short term correction. Please go grab a bone and maybe try doing some doggy activities you imbred trader. Before you lose your wife, house and kids to bitcoin.
+6 Reply
MarcPMarkets VickzinBK
@VickzinBK, heheh thanks for sharing. Actually, we need more of them not less. Those sharp movements that are caused by these amateurs getting margined out of there positions are what create opportunities for the rest of us. They should come up with a troll sentiment index, sort of like the VIX. It would make for a great contrarian tool. When they are all short, that's when we buy. Hehehe. And he probably doesn't have a wife if he is spending his time reading my analysis just to laugh at my reports.
Amit26 cashonly
@cashonly, A wrong prediction does not make the analyst wrong. Predictions can be wrong and very often they are, but its the analysis that is worth learning.
I've been following Marc's posts for quite a while now and I find them extremely useful.
+5 Reply
@Amit26, true and I am glad you find my work helpful. I don't like to use the word prediction, because it implies absolutes in a way. When the weather man says it's going to rain, it usually rains. Financial markets do not have that kind of predictability. Many of these trolls are too ignorant to realize that money management is the key determiner of a successful performance, only amateurs and the inexperienced obsess over a high win rate. Again this is all good, we need trolls. We need inexperienced money to take other side of the trade. Without them, there would be much less profit potential.
+2 Reply
Kool_Keith cashonly
@cashonly, Yep! Goldbug & Mark P are like the Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson of crypto...They aren't interested in finding successful trades as much as finding people dumb enough to buy their advice!
MarcPMarkets Kool_Keith
@Kool_Keith, that is hilarious. I invite you to call into our weekly podcast so that we can debate. How about it?
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Amjadsid cashonly
@cashonly, i couldn't find a single trader here: i can follow in btc trades: Let me know 1
@Amjadsid, you would do better if you followed price, not a trader.
+1 Reply
Amjadsid MarcPMarkets
@MarcPMarkets, Sorry show me if u have something if not keep quiet
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