The TradingView Wizards: our community’s all-stars

Apr 18

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our TradingView Wizards program. This initiative celebrates the sharpest, most insightful, and most impressive traders and investors who share their analyses and call TradingView home.

Without further ado, let’s meet our inaugural class of TradingView Wizards:

Tim West has been with TradingView since the very beginning and has been sharing his extensive stock trading knowledge for well over a decade. Insightful and detailed analysis based on a powerful yet elegant trading method is his hallmark. Tim was part of the original mod team, suggested countless features to our developers and hosts his own chat room. Our community would not be the same without him.

This_Guhy has been sharing his ideas for 5 years and lets his analysis do the talking. Clear annotations coupled with elaborate, thoughtful descriptions, mainly about the crypto market, allowed him to gain trust with our community. He makes an effort to explain methods and concepts before applying them masterfully to the chart, sharing many valuable nuggets of knowledge along the way. A real gem in our community.

Making his first appearance on TradingView in 2014, Norok has consistently provided us with well thought out higher time frame ideas combined with high quality educational ideas or macro perspectives. Crypto, Stocks and Indices are his favorite playgrounds. He also occasionally codes in Pine Script and live streams his thoughts, welcoming all traders to join in on the conversation.

Akil is a professional trader and trading coach with many years of experience, mostly in the Forex markets. He stands out with a strong focus on risk management, discipline and patience. His main tools are fibonacci, harmonic patterns and structure, “Look left, structure leaves clues” is one of his favorite phrases.

MarcPMarkets has been on TradingView since 2012, publishing charts, ideas, and educational material for all. Today, he is an active live streamer, taking requests from traders around the world, answering questions, and sharing live analysis of his favorite symbol: Bitcoin. His charts are crisp, easy to understand, and often focus on risk management principles. He’s also an official CMT holder (Chartered Market Technician).

These Wizards aren’t just great traders; they are pillars of our community. By consistently sharing high-quality ideas, providing feedback, and helping others grow, they make TradingView a better place for everyone. To acknowledge their incredible contributions, we’ve created a special TradingView Wizards badge, displayed on their profile.

We’ll be adding a few new members to this Hall of Fame every year, so keep sharing your ideas, engaging in discussions, and helping others grow. You never know — you could be our next TradingView Wizard!

Congratulations and a big “Thank you!” to all of our Wizards. You inspire us all to learn, share, and grow together!

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